Dog training at home.

How to train a dog house

Dog training at home - is training the animal some disciplines, skills and exercises.Engaged in education and training of dogs is necessary from the moment of its appearance in the house.From the first days of communicating with a dog, you need to let her know that she should always obey his master.

Dog training at home in charge and time-consuming activity, but doing it by simple rules, you can quickly achieve the desired result.How to train a dog at home, you will prompt the simple rules, implementation of which will give the desired result.

most suitable for development teams is the period of socialization of dogs.It falls on the age period from 8 to 12 puppies weeks.The first lesson should not be lengthy, but effective.Engage with the dog more than 5-10 minutes is not recommended.It is better to repeat the exercise several times a day.Your behavior and tone of voice should arouse interest in the puppy.During this period he has to master the command "To me!" And "Place

!".After each successful implementation of admission, the dog should be encouraged to treat stroke and repeating the word "good."When the puppy get used to this way, you can give a treat after a few repetitions reception.

command "Place!" Must appear at the puppy with its nickname.Each time, loudly saying a word, put on his pet litter.Well, if his place will be designated any soft cloth to which the puppy can get used to.In the future it can be used to indicate the place of protection.

basis obedience dog owner is the command "To me!".Saying nickname puppy and say the command.If a pet comes to you slowly, then run off back, it will accelerate its movement.Assimilation of this team is very important, as it will use everyday.

violent behavior and adjustment methods of training are not allowed.Keep an eye on the dog's reaction and do not hurt her nervous system.Before zakarmlivayte in training is not an animal, better, if it will be a little hungry.By following these simple rules, dog at home will take place quickly and efficiently.

Starting from two months of age, the puppy can be accustomed to the command "Sit!".Podzovite to a pet, show him a treat in your hand and lift it so that the puppy could see her sitting alone.Once the pet sit, give the command "Sit!", Praise him and give rewards.If the dog does not sit on their own, it can be a little push.

command "Down!" Is performed from a sitting position of the dog.To do this, hold the puppy by the mane, and recovered his front legs forward, while repeating the command "Down!".After the reception, the dog is encouraged to treat.To exercise the command "Stop!", Lift the hand on the puppy's belly and stick to it, that he would not lay down again, and the repeat command.

At the age of 3 months and older, you can teach your puppy to the team, "Next!".To train this team, put on a puppy collar short leash and put him in the left leg.Hold the leash at a distance of about 20 cm from the collar.Clearly gives the command "Next" and tighten the leash.When trying to move away from the puppy you pull the leash and give the command.Then loosen the leash and let the puppy to move freely around you.

If you do not start training and raising dogs up to one year, in the future, you can get a completely uncontrollable animal.Dogs trainable at any age, but the later start to do it, the harder it will be to achieve a result.Dog training at home can be carried out within the general curriculum and include a simple, including the above command.For dog training special course of training will need help of an experienced instructor, and training dogs at home here will not bring the desired result.