Hand Dragon Iguana at home

Passion terrariums recently received such an extension, they, like their inhabitants, are sold in all the large and small pet stores, and various fan clubs are like living creatures in the big cities everywhere.

terrarium inhabited by very specific wildlife, can be found even in urban apartments.But home iguana reaching its inhabitants is the most popular and well-deserved love their masters.

Green Iguana in our environment - it's real exotic!In nature, the iguana lives in Central and South America, in tropical climates, easily moving through the trees, which live near rivers.Iguana reaches two meters in length, and its weight can be up to five kilograms.It features a powerful dragon tail and sharp claws.The main decoration of the Raptor is a characteristic dorsal ridge that extends from the neck to the middle of the tail.On throat iguana is a leather bag that can inflate lizard - in order to intimidate the enemy.Young green iguana, but iguanas darken with age.

Iguana lives in the home for fifteen

years or more.Pets Bobble simple matter will not name.They often live a half life and die that occurs due to improper feeding and temperature violations, so before you buy "Dragon" in the house, it is necessary to study the relevant literature and to assess their capabilities on the content of the pet.

A time and money you will need quite a lot.Buy young iguana best amateur clubs in specialized reptiles, iguanas are engaged in it, or in nurseries.The club or nursery will not only help to pick up a healthy pet, but also provide guidance on the content of the lizard.

can buy at the pet store and an iguana, but in that case you need to carefully examine a few "candidates" to choose the best.Healthy lizard quiet, clean her skin, eyes without discharge, a healthy iguana thick tail, she is not afraid of hands.Home iguana at the age of three months up to eighteen centimeters in length - not counting the tail.

Iguana at home is usually contained in a terrarium.Housing for the kid you need to prepare in advance.The most convenient housing for the young dragon is a glass terrarium to two hundred liters in volume.About a year later the home of green pet should be replaced by a larger, up to five hundred liters.Adult iguana also need a spacious wooden enclosure with a glass front wall or completely made of glass, which is also quite acceptable.Only need to remember that once in a large terrarium planting small dragon should not be.

for heating is generally used incandescent reflector lamps of different capacity - for day and night heating.And for lighting the lamp should be used with UV light, which should be replaced every six months.The fact is that without UV home iguana can not absorb vitamin D and calcium, without which normal life lizard simply impossible.

Pet iguana - cold-blooded creatures, and nature regulate body temperature just the sun.Normal digestion is only possible if a sufficient temperature that is why before the food they usually like to be warmed in the sun.Therefore, to an iguana at home developed normally, you need to have a lizard was a special place to warm up.This can be any snag that can be placed directly under the reflector lamp to warm up.At this point, the temperature should reach 35 degrees, to the iguana there could well heated.

should not forget that pets need iguanas and in a cool place.High humidity - is also one of the conditions under which an iguana at home can develop well.To do this a couple of times a day to spray the terrarium with water or using special tools for humidification.Temperature and humidity - these are the conditions that must be followed.

in nature iguanas live in trees, so the cage must be placed several convenient snags.Be sure to place the terrarium in a special container for bathing.Pets Iguanas love water and nature live near rivers.Iguana at home will long to please their owners for its healthy and shiny sea in compliance with all conditions.