Broiler at home

Many are grown in home gardens for personal consumption of domestic animals and birds.Broiler at home is a very profitable business, as the chicks with the right content in 50 days weigh half a kilogram, and in two or two and a half months - about two kilograms.

Broiler at home has some specific features.For example, if you keep them at ease, they do not gain weight, so the chickens need to keep the house warm, and strictly observe the light regime.In good weather, you can produce broilers in small netting Free-solarium.

Chickens generally buy from manufacturers who breed them specifically to sell.Many people seeking to buy day-old chicks at the lowest price.But due to the fact that it dies young in the early days, to buy the best ten-day old chicks.Select only need active chickens with clear, shining eyes.If the chicken is sluggish, and his eyelids were half-closed, it is better not to take.In the first ten days, the chicks need room lighting, after the 11th day of daylight is 16 hours a day.Broil

er house possible in cages or crates-warmers elevezah and on deep litter.

First of all, the room, which will contain broilers at home, you need to disinfect and warm.Deep litter should always be clean and dry.In the first week the room temperature should be about 30 degrees.In a large room to install the heater and put a fence around it to reduce the area of ​​movement of chickens.Fencing was removed on the 10th day.Every week, the temperature necessary to decrease by 2-4 degrees, and on day 21 the heater is switched off completely.Lighting is left only on the drinking and feeding bowls.The chicks are resting unlit area, in the lit - eat.

temperature at which the broiler house should be constantly monitored.If the room is cold, the chickens are kept in elevezah and continuously heat lamps or infrared heaters with sand or water, and then, after 21 days of release into the house.At 0.6 square meters can accommodate 30 chickens.

When the cellular content of the room temperature should be higher than at the floor maintenance by 2-4 degrees.In this case, for heating the same using heaters or infrared lamps.On the 11th day is used intermittent lighting method, ie every two hours light and darkness alternate.

In this mode, the contents of broilers at home a little move and gain weight quickly.Successful cultivation of broilers in the home depends on the full feeding.At the beginning of broiler feed as well as normal - chopped egg.In the starting period of chickens is better to feed a complete feed prepared at the factory.

If feed is not for sale, you need to prepare the mixture itself.Feeds for broilers should include all necessary for normal growth of chickens substances with mandatory inclusion of proteins, minerals and vitamins.It is mandatory to be given feed grain, and in crushed form and without films, more than half the total diet.

When the chicks reached twenty-day age of the grains can replace potatoes to be boiled, mash and add zernosmes.This mash chicken eaten with great pleasure.As protein feeds are often used fresh cheese, butter and other dairy products.

From the age of ten days can be given to chickens and slaughtering fish waste - for five to seven grams per day per head, gradually leading up to ten to fifteen grams.Already the third day chickens produce green fodder, and in the fall and winter, when there is no fresh herbs, can be given to chickens germinated seeds and grass meal.

With proper care the chicks grow well and gain weight quickly, so that the broilers at home can be very lucrative.