Pregnant Teens

Today acute social problem is early motherhood.The reasons for which every year an increasing number of pregnant women under the age of eighteen years can be called a lot, including the social vulnerability of children and young adolescents in ignorance of contraception and family relations, the low cultural level of the youth of today, and more.All this leads to the fact that the age of young mothers becoming younger.Increasingly began to register pregnant teens under the age of 14 years.

Adolescence is a difficult period in the life of a child who ceases to be a child, but has not yet become a fully grown man, able to take such serious decisions, such as the birth of a child.In addition, pregnant teenage girls, are physiologically and psychologically not ready yet for such a complex process, as the gestation, birth and upbringing of the child may not be fully aware of the seriousness of the situation.

Often, pregnant teens, girls 15-16 years old, learned about their situation, left alone, becau

se their parents do not support (especially if it is asocial family), father of the child, as a rule, disappears or refuses to recognize itspaternity adults condemn and refuse help.However, we must not forget that pregnant adolescents because of their lability the psyche alone can not cope with the psycho-emotional stress, and it can end tragically.

Deciding on whether to keep the pregnancy or have an abortion (if time permits) have all the members of the family should not be left a teenage girl alone with this issue.If the family does not support, and the environment is not among the people who could help pregnant teens today can apply for social protection and support in special centers, which in Russia began to appear not so long ago.They have both medical care and psychological.There is conducted gynecological examination, determination of pregnancy and delivery, inspection and related professionals work with social services and lawyers.

However, the problem of early pregnancy that does not solve.And it must be solved with the help of state social programs in the field of gender policy, as well as by conducting explanatory conversations with teenagers about contraception, a psychologist working as a group and individually on the topics of relations between men and women, and family relations.Unfortunately, the youth culture of today is that many young people have no idea how should look like a normal relationship between men and women.Everything is presented in a modern media, advertising, movies and the Internet creates in the minds of teenagers improper attitude toward sex.Teens have sex, since 11-12 years, not fully aware of the subject matter, often ignoring contraception.Everything about what teachers say in effect teenage stubbornness and desire to be "like adults" perceived perversion.

best way to prevent early pregnancy is the proper sex education of children, starting from pre-school age, it is necessary to form the right attitude to the opposite sex and to explain "where babies come from."Because many young people the question remains unknown until then, until they know from their own experience.But the process is known to all students of all ages.

But if you have all happened back in time is not possible, you should try to get the baby due attention to education and, more importantly, that he had loving parents.