Bad habits of adolescents

Bad habits of young people, smoking, alcohol, drug abuse is so firmly established in the life of the modern teenager, which fight them every year becomes more and more difficult.The World Health Organization has been actively fighting smokers and drug addicts, some countries have adopted laws punishing smokers have bans on smoking in public places, and most importantly introduced age restriction.All of this works in our country, only prohibitions are known only to incite interest and attraction to bad habits.

Today statistics is that the percentage of the adult smoking population naturally decreases, but the percentage of boys and girls who have bad habits of adolescents, has increased significantly in recent years.And the number of women who use tobacco, has equaled with that among young men.

about the dangers of smoking to talk a lot, so much that no one pays attention, and young people often do not understand the seriousness of the effects of smoking.Especially detrimental to smoking in young, s

till fragile body teenage children.In our country are already beginning to smoke from 8-9 years, that age is likely to become a smoker in the future.It is therefore necessary to carry out prevention of smoking as much as possible at an earlier age and is available to explain to the children how the bad habits of adolescents affect their bodies, and what consequences this may cause.

Alcoholism - is another scourge of modern youth, bad habits of teenagers.Like smoking, alcohol consumption begins at an early school age when boys start to try alcohol, and more adults (13-14 years old) they already began to develop a dependency.The girls joined in this issue a little later, since adolescence.At that time among adolescents is common so-called deviant behavior, they tend to emulate adult behavior.And because the culture of our society remains at a low level, and from the younger generation did not have to wait for good.

particularly harmful alcohol affects the muscular system, cardiovascular, and of course, nervous.Constantly flowing alcohol in the body destroys the nerve cells, causing confusion, loss of memory, attention, and eventually leads to the degradation of the individual.And doctors say that regular use of alcohol adversely affects the potency with age may result in reproductive failure and infertility.The same applies to the fair sex, drinking alcohol and tobacco, they destroy from birth laid the egg in the ovaries that are potentially their children.Thus, the girls, not knowing this, start killing their children, even without having to think about them.In addition, the above-mentioned bad habits of teenagers are often associated with early pregnancy teenage girls, which is also a big social problem.

Addiction - one of the most dangerous bad habits common among young people, causing the destruction of the human body and the destruction of his personality.According to statistics among the Russian youth 70% of respondents at least once tried drugs.Drugs like alcohol, addictive, which develops much faster and has a negative effect on all organs.Addiction is a companion of many diseases, such as hepatitis or AIDS.

social consequences of harmful habits of youth are represented by many factors.These include: low awareness of the population, social degradation, decline of working and fertile population, the epidemic infections, early pregnancy, and more.