A few answers to the question "how to gain weight adolescents"

weight issues in today's world is given too much attention, beauty and success are identified with the harmony and the normal amount of muscle mass.

In this regard, to pay attention to the changes that are happening with our children who have reached adolescence.Puberty involves the rapid and often disproportionate change in the child's body.And it comes at a time when social teen sensation is most vulnerable.

other words, at a time when a young person it is important to comply with accepted standards, his body is changing and, in most cases, do not like its owner.

normal weight adolescent and deviations from it

most often caused by hormonal changes in the rapid growth in height leads to drastic weight loss.Parents should analyze the situation and make sure that the weight reduction is not associated with a serious illness.Make sure that the child regularly and eats healthy foods.Diets and their opposite - fast food undesirable.

causes of low weight adolescents may be:

Decreased appetite

People with this problem do not experience hunger, quietly costing one - two cups of coffee a day.Food can please them only under certain conditions, for example, on the home kitchen or at your favorite cafe.

concern are quite common today nervosa, which affects girls - teenagers.Drawn by the ideals of gloss, they are afraid of gaining weight and bring your body to exhaustion.Food for them is associated with punishment, but to overcome the psychological fear of weight gain, they can not on their own.Get rid of this disease, as practice shows, it is much more difficult than just collect the missing weight.

As a teenager to gain weight in this case?Parents need to constantly ensure that the offspring eat regularly, making his habit of careful attention to your body and supply it with the necessary conscious life energy.

Thinness caused by stress or serious illness

This type of depletion may be subject to people of any age.In the life of teenagers is enough reason for feelings, because loss of appetite and, consequently, the excessive consumption of fat leads to rapid weight loss.Together with the "margin of safety" from the body of a teenager goes vitamins and minerals, the metabolism.All this complicates the process out of illness or stress.In this regard, special hazards are chronic diseases.

answer to the question "how to gain weight adolescents" in this case should be a high-calorie diet, individually chosen doctor.

fast metabolism

This problem manifests itself as follows: healthy teenager (this is important), well fed, willingly and happily eats, not limiting themselves in anything.Its weight while still too low.

Such "fast" metabolism requires more energy for the body and therefore more food.How to gain weight teenager with an accelerated metabolism - change daily diet, adding more and more energetically valuable food.

low weight as a result of an active lifestyle

Perhaps teenage lifestyle change toward increasing costs of energy (for example, add intensity exercise), and his daily ration remained unchanged.This also leads to weight reduction.In this case, the answer to our question "how to gain weight adolescents" will increase the amount of food and increase its calorific value.

Of course, change your parameters to the best young people want immediately, and in its desire not willing to stand up for the price.They often resort to questionable methods of building muscle, various dietary supplements or energy drink.

Advertising from the cycle "how quickly gain weight teenager" positions these substances as a reliable and safe means, and many of them really is.However, to prevent the uncontrolled intake of such drugs is not the parents.It is necessary to carefully study their composition, dosage and manufacturer's recommendations.