Age characteristics of Adolescent

If the children did not come out of a period of child and unconditional submission to the authority of parents and adults, the age characteristics of Adolescent would not the subject of a separate study and understanding.

to approximately 12-14 years, children are no longer children, in terms of obedience and accommodating attitude towards adults.Yesterday's children are the centers of conflict in the school, including yesterday's friends and family.

should be noted that age characteristics of younger teenagers , not always provoke any complications or at school, among friends or at home.But, more often, especially adolescent age deliver a lot of problems with their negative manifestations of everyone who has a direct relation to the period of growing adolescents.

Manifestations characteristics of adolescents at school.

in school age adolescents especially manifested in the emergence of new interests in their own development and quality of new requirements for teaching disciplines.In most

cases, the school can not give adolescents the level of teaching that combines the depth and quality of the presentation of educational material that teenagers want to get.

During this period, the majority of teens lose interest in the past for school.There is a sharp separation of pupils on school performance.However, the fall school performance teenager speaks about his low intellectual development.Teenager loses interest only to the boring and dull the learning process at school, maintaining the desire for knowledge.In the life of a teenager begins to enter self.

Manifestations characteristics of adolescents in communication.

Age characteristics of adolescents are shown in their communication with each other.The behavior of teenagers filled imitate adults.Begin to emerge and develop a romantic relationship.Between the teenagers emerge likes and dislikes.

The form of expression of their relationship teens follow the example of adults.It starts dating, going to the movies in pairs or small companies, go to discos, and for walks in the parks.Nowadays, more and more can be seen on the streets of adolescents surrounded by bottles of beer and soft drinks.

Teens struggling to emphasize its maturity, through imitation of adult behavior.This process is accompanied by conflict with others, becauseteen desire to be an adult and his willingness to be adults do not always coincide.

Each teenager chooses the criterion of maturity that he was impressed.It seeks to match the specified adulthood, periodically comparing and evaluating their appearance and behavior of the selected criteria.

For some criterion of adulthood is a physical force.Accordingly, the teenager estimates its maturity in terms of development of own physical strength.

If a teenager has chosen as the criterion of adulthood presence of any ability, then he himself will be judged by the extent to which this skill.

Some teens chosen as indicators of growing only outward signs of the behavior of adults, unfortunately, not very good.As a result, they begin to actively use foul language, jargon, drinking and smoking.

Manifestations characteristics of adolescents with parents and adults.

Initially, the emergence of a sense of adulthood and gain equally provoked, as the atmosphere and the pressure of the dictatorship and the complete freedom and loyalty to the person of the teenager.

If a teenager growing up with encouragement and support from the parents, then the process passes without incident and harmoniously developed personality of a teenager.

If a teen develops without parental care or with their resistance, the process takes place in an atmosphere of fierce confrontation.

The greater the difference between the internal sense of adolescent adulthood and its recognition by adults and peers, the violent protests teenager.Protests can be manifested in various forms: from the rude behavior and fights to serious illegal acts teenager.

desire teenager to grow up normal, very vivid and natural desire.Age features of teenagers cause problems when a teenager does not have a close and respectful relationship with the parents.