Lifestyle contemporary Russian teenager

What is health?

Health - a set of physical, social and psycho-emotional well-being.When all walks of life are in balance, nothing to worry about.Only here for the formation of health it takes years to do this you need a very early age and continues throughout life.For those people who used to lead a healthy lifestyle, compliance with all the rules becomes a natural and unaffected.However, in our time, a way of life of today's youth, especially the lifestyle of the modern teenager just amazes insolvency and licentiousness.

To date, the issue of healthy lifestyles, in principle, does not interest the younger generation.Smoking, alcohol, drugs, and Internet addiction swept most of the Russian teenagers.Every year more and more there is a tendency to reduce the percentage of healthy children and increasing the number of disabled people and disabled people.The number of young people unfit for military service for health reasons, increasing the overall incidence of adolescent diseases such as bronchial a

sthma, gastritis, etc.Including often come to the hospital young adolescents in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.

Smoking has become a real scourge of modern youth smoking in Russia start from 10-11 years, and high school graduation for 40% of students are addicted.Moreover, in recent years there is a trend to an increase in smoking teenage girls.Lifestyle contemporary Russian teenager makes us think about the problems of the younger generation, because if we are not think about it, who then will be able to rectify the situation, which every year is only getting worse.

Lifestyle contemporary Russian teenager today does not rule out, unfortunately, and alcohol dependence.By the age of 14-16 years, 20% of teenagers drink regularly at least twice a week.Most relationship begins to develop with regular use of beer.Many teens do not consider beer an alcoholic drink, the more that it is sold everywhere and no age limit.In addition, advertising and distribution of alcohol and tobacco slogans on television, media, retail, etc.It gives cause teenagers to regard their bad habits as a manifestation of "adulthood".

In recent years, high rates of youth began to spread drugs.According to statistics registered in Russia 0.1-0.2% of teenagers regularly use drugs.

also equally dangerous dependence today is computer addiction.Computer games and the Internet is so firmly established in the life of modern Russian teenager that most of them completely erased physical development, live communication with peers and the ability to build normal relations with others.

All of the above, unfortunately, to date, in one way or another part of the lifestyle of the modern Russian teenager, and worsens the prognosis for the development of intellectual development, socio-adapted younger generation.

However, not all bad, there is another side to the coin.Many young people are eager to get an education, develop mentally and physically, they want to get the guaranteed support of the state in terms of employment and decent wages.And this need to help and support our younger generation, both privately and at the state level.It should be from an early age to form a healthy lifestyle, teenager, to preserve the health of future generations.