Translation Day

Every year on the last day of September is celebrated the Day of the interpreter - a professional holiday for all those who own this are very popular specialties.

itself interpreter day - enough young holiday.After all, it only began to celebrate since 1991.

Then the International Federation, which unites more than hundred interpreters associations from around the world, said it as International Translation Day.

This profession has long been considered one of the most popular and respected.Nobody knows exactly where and when the first interpreters.Some believe that they are, according to the biblical story appeared when very angry God decided to destroy the Tower of Babel that people puffed up, and decided to build up to the sky.It was then that God has deprived humanity possibility of a unified communication.And the people who suddenly ceased to understand each other, quarreled and went all over the world.

day interpreter was appointed September 30, it is not accidental: in 420 died on this day

the patron of earthly interpreters, one of the Latin Fathers of the Holy Church - Jerome.Holy Father, as acknowledged by the international community, has made an undeniable contribution to the development of translation as a science.That's it - the outstanding genius of his time, historian, writer, first in Latin, translated the Bible - the Vulgate.

The fate of this man, he traveled all the time, made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, a few years he lived as a hermit in the desert of Chalcis, studying among the "scorpions and wild beasts" Chaldean and Hebrew.As Jerome himself said, he had heard the pipe, heralding Judgment.

Among historians it is believed that the first translators were in Egypt.Their existence is documented.It is known that ancient Egypt has always been a great state, which is famous not only for his military campaigns, but also doctors, philosophers, explorers, etc.Information Egyptians drew everywhere, collecting it in different lands, from different nations.And it is quite logical that this was not just an exercise in futility if Egypt would not be talented people - translators who can competently translate any valuable manuscript into their native language.

Great was the role of interpreters in ancient Greece, which had at one time very active trade exchange with the eastern states.Due to the Greeks the world was able to see many editions of the Bible, because a significant portion of the Old Testament could be preserved only in their translations.

In ancient Rus called interpreters Tolmachev.Initially, their vocation was to help foreigners who buy goods at the fair.And then, since the time of Peter, in the state order, is responsible for relations between states, they were introduced as the ones who are able to competently interpret - so that others can understand.

without an interpreter does not do any military action.May 21, 1929 was established by the decree of the title of "military translator", thereby legitimizing this for a long time the current profession.

And in 2000 at the initiative of the graduates of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​was established May 21 Day military translator who now believe their holiday not only those who wear shoulder straps and civilian experts.

military translator at the front of the first learned about the actions of the enemy, that it was responsible for the correctness and accuracy of the translation of the data from which future could depend on the life of so many people.

Pushkin believed translators "postal horses progress", because of their importance in our lives, though imperceptibly, but very important.

Annually in the world Translation Day is celebrated under some specific motto, one that is particularly relevant in the current year.