St. Nicolas day

St. Nicholas Day is celebrated by Orthodox in the winter and spring seasons.In this Christian worship celebration of St. Nicholas.Catholics celebration takes place on December 19 in the Julian calendar and the Orthodox celebrated on December 6 and 22 May in the Gregorian calendar.For the entire Orthodox world St. Nicholas Day - it is one of the most revered holidays.He is known and much loved by the people.Name Nicholas attributed to the patronage of the common people, the poor and all the sailors.It is called a guardian angel.

St. Nicholas - a holiday that has its own traditions.At its roots lies the history of life there was a real person.He lived in the distant the III century and became famous for all time its comprehensive kindness to people.

St. Nicholas's parents were wealthy, while noble and pious Christians, but they are very long could not have children, and often prays to God.Their prayer was answered, and God gave him a son, whom they promised to bring up so that he devoted his life to

serving God in the future.He was given the name Nicholas at baptism, from the Greek meaning "He who overcomes the people."

Since childhood, in the family of the child accustomed to the faith, and Nicholas from infancy showed his special mission to serve God.Possessing abundant talent, the young man understood the book of wisdom.He differed from his peers chastity, avoiding sinful and worldly entertainment, and impure thoughts.

Over time, matured, he was ordained a priest and later became Archbishop Nicholas.He manifested a rare gift of miracles and deep insight.He was a kind-hearted, gentle and humble in spirit.Despite his san, she wore simple clothes, a stranger to selfishness and arrogance, follow strict simplicity and moderation.

the terrible Christian persecution have left their mark.Along with other believers Nicholas put in prison, he was subjected to terrible physical torture.Despite the ordeal, faith in God remained with him and help keep other prisoners.When ascended the throne of the reign of Emperor Constantine, Nicholas had my own flock, which he began to manage.

In life, Nicholas became famous defender of innocent prisoners, warring appeaser and a deliverer of death in vain.He remained so even after his death.His power and now exude a fragrant ointment, which is capable of chudotvorit.Today, many familiar icons that created more than a dozen miracles.

the Day of St. Nicholas served as the prelate.It was drawn up back in 1097 by Gregory Orthodox monk and Metropolitan Ephraim.After his canonization in many homes pray to St. Nicholas in joy and in sorrow.

Noting St. Nicholas Day, kids receive gifts each year.On the eve of the threshold put children shoes or socks hung by the fireplace.This tradition has existed since time immemorial.There the Day of St. Nicholas put the kids gifts.It is believed that they are obtained only good children.To whip unruly kids provided.St. Nicholas - a holiday, which are waiting children, they try to keep about themselves and not acting up to get a well-deserved due gifts.

In many countries, it is assumed that to kids Saint Nicholas comes accompanied by two angels and devils.First talk about the good deeds committed by the children, the second whisper of the guilty.Good always wins, and the Day of St. Nicholas toddlers are never left without their gifts.

an example of this holiday you can learn to love people, to do good and pass it to their children.This unshakable tradition is still alive, and as long as there will be people and the family, it will be the same.