Youth room

Children's room for a teenager is no longer suitable.The child at eleven or twelve years, and sometimes much earlier, already want something more adult.There comes a time when it was not easy to find common language with him, to reach an understanding, including the organization of children's space.The teenager has their own opinion about the comfort and coziness, which often does not coincide with the tastes of his parents.


Youth room have to have a working zone, where there will be placed a table, shelves for books.In this area it is important to arrange good lighting.You should also not forget about the area for storage and a place to rest.After all, teenagers love to invite their friends to visit.

During this period living room is a synthesis of a teenage bedrooms, library, office, dressing room, living room.And the baby gets older, the greater the role of the living room and office.At this time, the main task of the parents is to properly arrange zone.It is important to ensure tha

t the child is not spoiled because of the vision is too dull or sharp light and the right things always at hand.

As a rule, children of this age tend to free of excess furniture and accessories space.They like to experiment, prefer to constant change, the search for his identity.If possible, it is better to allocate a larger room teen.The work area should certainly have a spacious work desk, however, if the space is not much you can do in the table as a continuation of the window opening, or to purchase a folding table.

in the dressing room area may be located traditional wardrobe.You can also select the place in the room for a mini dressing room, which will be fenced off from the rest of the rack or curtain.This is especially important if the room teenage girl.

Colours and furniture

Youth room does not have to be executed in one color with the whole apartment.Preferably, if it is a separate object.

Furniture is better to choose the multi-function and mobility.Instead of the usual bed is better to buy a sofa that will be used at night to sleep.This arrangement will not only increase the space, but also look to be much more effective, because, as we have already noted, in this room, guests will come very often.

storage area can be equipped with comfortable racks, which will transmit light, air, can perform a decorative function if placed on the shelves not only books and textbooks, but also accessories, flower vases, photographs, paintings.An interesting solution would be a rack in the form of honeycomb.This rack is a system of translucent drawers.Also interesting is a rack that hangs on the brackets.The latter can turn, changing the interior.


Do not be afraid to experiment with materials.You can choose not only the tree, but also chipboard, fiberboard, glass, plastic.Youth room will look particularly impressive, if you use the unexpected combination of plastic, glass, wood.


finish is better not to use expensive wallpaper, because just a few months, most likely, or they get bored and change the preferences of the child, or they all will be hung with posters and placards.And do not interfere with the adolescent to express themselves.Do not be afraid of his desires izrisoval wall graphics or hang a chandelier custom, because it will express their aesthetic preferences and unconventional tastes.Most likely, it will soon pass.