The best competitions for girls

Any party, corporate party, even just a family holiday in a narrow circle complete without games and entertainment.There are competitions for girls, boys, couples, contests to explore - and depending on the theme of the holiday, you can create a unique and very funny script.We tried to pick the most successful competitions for girls.A selection will be divided into categories, according to themes parties.

Competitions for women February 23

«Declaration of Love»

Each girl is given paper, scissors, paper and glue.5 minutes from the member states must cut their paper titles and dates of individual words in such a way as to create an original - a declaration of love for men.Determine the winner will, of course, the sympathy of the audience.

Competitions for girls on Valentine's Day

«Divination with handkerchief»

To perform this comic divination is required, you guessed it, a handkerchief.She takes it so that all the corners have been trapped in her hand.The guy is taken in one corner, she choos

es a different, they both pull each for their area.If they pulled the handkerchief opposite corners, then a triangle - then there is sympathy.Man kisses a girl on the cheek.If a man and woman pulled the adjacent corners, the handkerchief was formed into a rectangle - so there is no love, and she continues to play.

«Perfect Man»

to conduct this competition you need to pre-cut from magazines silhouettes of men, cut them into several large pieces and stir.

Participants must stick together from separate pieces of an image of the "ideal" man.The winner is the most harmonious and original collage.

contests for girls on March 8

«Spring landscape»

To conduct this game you will need paper and ink.One of the girls to be blindfolded draw spring landscape.To do this, the other girl guides, tells where to lead the hand that draw, which dip the brush.The couple, which received the original spring design - wins.

«Mistress office»

girls are invited to compete in the economic: how to prepare sandwiches and coffee in the office without the aid of cutlery?

to the competition need bread, sausage, cucumber, cups, bags of instant coffee and sugar.Participants need to make maximum use of the imagination and skill to cook nice sandwiches and delicious coffee using stationery.For example, the sausage can be cut line and an empty ballpoint pen stir the sugar in the cup.

contests for girls - any holidays


choose several teams - two girls and one boy in each.The girls are blindfolded.The first girl has to tie a bow in all three places at the guy.And the second - then find these guys and bows to untie.The winner is the team that most quickly tied and untied bows.

«real princess»

In the old-old fairy tale described a wonderful way to identify the most real of all.Remember?Just one pea under a pile of quilts - and only sensible Princess can discover it.

In this competition we need fasolinki, peas and dense matter.On the chair must be expanded variety of beans, cover with a cloth.Girls in turn sit on a chair and try to guess how much it beans and peas.The winner is the one who called the correct number.She was honorably awarded the title of crown and gentle princess tonight.

Well, finally, one piece of advice: not to be spoiled the mood and resentment, and competitions for women should always be kind and considerate to avoid embarrassing situations.Then take part in them will willingly and gladly, and impressions of the party remain very positive.

Good luck and good mood!