Funny contests for corporate

today has become very popular in the enterprise to carry out corporate parties.This is largely due to the desire to unite the management team to make a friendly team.The reason for such an event can be anything: the New Year, the anniversary of the company, a professional holiday and just wish the boss to give a little rest to his subordinates to maintain morale.Many

was invited to host such events, especially if it is a big team, because without proper organization of this holiday can turn into a banal feast.Lead can and knows how to organize a work team, so contests for corporate parties often command that involve mass participation of the audience.Such games promote teambuilding and instill teamwork skills.In addition, the manager can note for yourself which one of his subordinates has leadership qualities and the ability to organize the work of the team.

will be interesting contests for corporate, in which each participant will be able to show themselves, so the game called "Guess the star" -

just by the way.To conduct this contest, participants divided into two teams and take turns pulling out of a bag made of paper on which is written the name of a famous person.Whoever pulled the piece of paper is necessary gestures, demeanor, in every way to portray zagadannuyu stars to the rest of the team were able to guess who shows the same player.The winner is the team that has the maximum amount of time will be able to answer correctly.

important that competitions for corporate were a distraction from the work of the theme, because hardly a holiday event where all the time has to think about the usual things working.

It will be interesting to conduct the game, all familiar to us from childhood, called "broken telephone".The whole team gets near each other, and transmits said lead sentence in the ear of the next person.The problem as quickly as possible and correct to pass the word or phrase to the end of the chain.The winner is the team that is as accurate as possible will be able to convey the original meaning of the phrase.

can use humorous and fun competitions for corporate, enabling you to relax and relieve stress, which probably are some present.Well, that will help to relieve tension?That's right - alcohol.Therefore it is possible to conduct an easy contest titled "Alcohol baton."Play again, two teams with an odd number of players.All participants are in two chains, after which put a chair, a glass and a bottle of wine, if desired can be a bottle of vodka or other liquor.The first participant is pouring into a glass of alcohol and runs to the end of the chain, and the next player to quickly and drinks also runs to the end.The winner is the team that will drink the contents of the bottle.To participants of the event did not drink too much and not too drunk, you must make sure to play the maximum number of players.

Nothing cheers up as comic contests for corporate, so you can resort to well-known, but everyone's favorite competition: "Mummy."The team selects the party that will be the main protagonist, and team-leading beautifully and gently winds its toilet paper.The team, whose mummy is wrapped in the fastest and most accurate - wins.

next contest called "Snowflakes".Each participant is given into the hands of a piece of cotton wool, which he hands loosens by all team up and throw snowflakes begin to blow from the bottom to the snowflake lasted as long as possible in the air and fell.The winner is the one whose snowflake as long as possible to "float" in the air.

Even if your company did not have the lead, you can prepare yourself to corporate contests that allow colleagues to unwind and get away from the mundane gatherings at the holiday table, probably because everyone wants to have fun.