Unusual wedding

Unusual wedding is now gaining increasing popularity.They engage the attention of all the others, they like to shoot on video and camera.The most unusual wedding show on the news.Newlyweds are not afraid of extreme and turn your holiday into an entertaining adventure that evoke a sense of delight.

However, one who wants to mark a bright living outside the event must be borne in mind that:

1. The script of this celebration should be to the taste as the newlyweds and guests.

2. Unusual wedding requires creating a special atmosphere.

3. In advance we must consider the question of whether to warn acquaintances, friends and relatives of the creative direction of the celebration.

first dance of the newlyweds and the wedding cake should match the style of the holiday.In any case, unusual wedding for everyone's pocket.If your budget is low and does not allow you to invite artists and modify the atmosphere, it is possible to find a specific topic to the existing "minuses" were perceived as thoroughly thou

ght-out "highlights".

Broad popular wedding conducted scenario gangster wedding.To create a festive atmosphere need saxophone and of whiskey with ice cubes, Charleston with tap dancing and gambling, fight with the police and trafficking, as well as the end of the action of Prohibition.This should not be surprised if the bride is kidnapped by the Mafia, and a cake thrown into your face.

Unusual wedding can be celebrated and water spaces.The season of celebrations begins in May and ends in October.Romanticism emphasized a wedding white sails, a warm breeze blew over the newlyweds and soft splash of the waves.Anyone who does not regret the money remaining in his memory a lasting impression of the holiday.

Unusual wedding, the organization of which only by professional divers, underwater marked.This eliminates the need for formal attire, which can be exchanged for wetsuits.In order to get good pictures, it is best to organize a solemn ceremony in the pool.Professional divers will paint you to a depth of four meters, and will be removed congratulate on your camera or camcorder.Feast at the same time organized on land.

unusual celebration on earth can begin with your favorite tune is a hymn of your relationship.It is possible to replace the registry office in Mendelssohn's march.The first waltz newlyweds can perform on skates, roller pre-booked and allocated to the day of marriage a little time for training.

most romantic and unusual wedding celebrated in the sky.To this end, the couple must decide to carry out a flight in a balloon.Holding such celebrations does not depend on the season.In flight, you can go in both summer and winter.The only condition for the implementation of the script is cloudless weather with light wind, the speed of which does not exceed five meters per second.The most favorable period is the morning or evening, when the bride and groom will be able to admire the gentle sunrise or sunset delightful.

solemn day, you can mark and daring jumps.At the same time the couple should prepare for such an act as the morally and physically.The season of weddings begins in February and lasts until October.Despite the extreme, to celebrate your event so that every year it becomes more and more.

Conduct unusual wedding is appropriate at a certain temperament both newlyweds.They must be fearless and ready for extreme thrills tests.