Marriage registration

One of the most exciting procedures in every human life - is the registration of marriage.Just a few minutes lovers people turn into a married couple.Marriage but joy and brings many new responsibilities and hassle.But it's only then.To begin with the young people have to try to the ceremony held by the upper class.

In order to register a marriage, you must submit an application to the registrar and to provide the necessary certificate (photocopies of passports, a certificate of dissolution of a previous marriage, if it was).If you have no special circumstances to speed up this process, you can paint in a month.If you have a queue will have to wait.

Registration of marriage lasts 10-15 minutes.In order to become an unforgettable and beautiful, it is necessary to think over every detail and every step.

Before submitting the application, determine the approximate date.So it will be easier to coordinate it with the employees of the registrar.Once all the documents are ready, determine the date and ti

me, you can start training.

To learn more about how the marriage registration, contact the registry office employees.Perhaps, this institution has some own characteristics, which is known in advance and rehearse all.

imagine that this day has come.You need to arrive early to the registrar.If you have not previously given their passports, it will have to do it now.Additionally, you give the governor of wedding rings and wait for their turn.This is the time you can spend in a special room for the bride and groom.It's time to fix her hair, make-up and catch your breath.Be sure to take a photo in the final moments of bachelorhood.

first guests enter the hall.When the wedding march sounded slowly composed of young and witnesses.The bride to be to the left of the groom.They should definitely go up.It looks very impressive.To avoid confusion, practice at home.

About 2 meters from the desk manager to stop.Listen carefully to what you say, and try not to miss the moment when you will have to say "yes".According to the statistics, such cases occur frequently.

When prompted, go to the table and sign.Then it will make witnesses.After painting handed wedding rings.Try not to confuse them and do not drop.After that marriage registration is actually completed.Now you will be allowed to kiss.At the same time you should not get carried away, you still watching dozens of eyes.

If you wish to announce the first dance.It should also be well rehearsed.Usually by this time mother and grandmother start to cry with emotion, and it is time congratulations.Bride load with presents flowers and showered pleasant parting words.The problem of witnesses - in time to pick up bouquets.Now you can relax a bit and drink champagne.

has recently become popular visiting marriage registration.It will cost more, but you can arrange as you wish.

Another form of binding union of two lovers is netorzhestvennaya marriage registration.In this case, everything is much easier and faster.A set of documents is the same.You do not have to wait.Such ceremonies are held on weekdays.No need to spend money on expensive suits and dresses.You can come to anything.Witnesses are not necessarily taking, as well as wedding rings.You come into the office to the master, signatures, and go pick up your documents.Everything is simple and fast.More and more young couples marry so.

If you want diversity and exotic, go abroad.For example, registration of marriage in the Czech Republic do not require a lot of time.Apart from the usual documents you'll need a passport, a birth certificate, a certificate from the Consulate and the police.In the Czech Republic you will not be lacking in the choice of venues for the ceremony.Ancient castles and magnificent landscapes give room for imagination.