Christmas tree with his hands: prepare for the holiday

Let the New Year holidays, and left far behind, but the time is fleeting, and that you will not have time to look around, it's time to come back New Year's troubles, the choice of gifts, as well as the most important attribute of the New Year - the installation tree.

propose in this article is to talk about the last, because Christmas Beauty - it's not just a piece of furniture necessary for a holiday and an employee solely for decorative purposes.Christmas tree - this is primarily a symbol.Symbol of the New Year a good mood, unity and family love, well, for the youngest fans of the New Year tree sometimes is even a kind of "altar", a portal through which our world fall into the long-awaited gifts.

course, most people prefer to buy a Christmas tree or an artificial alternative to acquire it.But the New Year - a family holiday, and family it should not only be a joint seat at the table, but the decoration of the home.

Christmas tree with your own hands - this is the best pastime with his family in

the New Year's week.Just turn on the imagination, and you will see how you will delay the work, and the number of positive emotions increase many times.Christmas tree with your own hands is often made of paper.There are different techniques for the production of paper beauties.Christmas tree with his hands from papier-mache can also be a great addition to your New Year's interior.The process of creating a paper Christmas trees can be turned into a kind of game - you will see how your children will enjoy.And what is the highest award for a parent, it does not observe an open and sincere smile on the face of his offspring!

Christmas tree with your own hands can also be done from suspended from the ceiling and nicely arranged Christmas balls.This technique was first introduced in England and each year is increasingly moving around the world.Balls is best to take the green, the color of pine needles.Most of the balls should be concentrated at the bottom - from the floor.Then, giving the shape of a cone shape, we reduce the number of balls, and moving upward.The top of the Christmas tree should be the one ball.This, of course, the scale option, which requires a large number of balls, but, believe me, the process will make you completely forget about all the possible costs associated with this.

Do not forget that the tree - this is just a symbol, but a symbol can be any size, not necessarily your homemade Christmas tree should take polkvartiry.It can be made smaller and beautiful, taking an ordinary piece of cardboard and stick to it various pieces of New Year's rain.

You can also make a beautiful Christmas tree in garlands.Simply buy the tape, the authenticity and garland stock up with scissors.Christmas tree with his hands from girlyand- is least costly both in money and in time way to decorate your home in anticipation of the approaching holiday.

Well, now let's talk about what is most like your children.This tree of sweets with their hands!What could be better and tastier than sweet New Year celebrations?To make sweet Christmas tree, you need to stock up on a certain amount of candies (about one kilogram).The best option will serve jellies green.Although it is possible to choose, on the contrary, with multi-colored candy colorful wrapper.Still need one package toothpicks.Release the "zheleyki 'from wrappers and strung them on a toothpick.Most sweets should be concentrated at the bottom.Up the design should buy a cone shape.

New Year - it's always a holiday.But the celebration should not only celebrate, it is also necessary to create.In various ways, cooking tasty things, buying gifts or home decoration.Create your holiday together with their loved ones.