Festive table setting

In this article we analyze in detail how to lay the table for any occasion.One of the most important points in a festive table setting is the presence on it starched white tablecloths.It will underline the entire contents of your table, and just by itself will create a festive mood.Would not have been superfluous and decorations in the form of the low vases with flowers (preferably one species does not stand out much from the smell).

Serving: in the middle of the table decided to put a vase with fruit, if the large Tables can be uniformly put some fruit vases, near the center of - salt shakers, gravy boat, mills with condiments.Also, it would not be bad in some places, the holiday table to put pepper and salt shakers.The neck of the container such as olive oil and top gently envelop the linen cloth, so that in case streaks could just eliminate it.

Since the table is usually crowded with a variety of dishes and drinks, it is best to put bread bins close to the permutation table is not big and bread se

rve guests as needed.If otherwise, it bet better breadbox different ends of the table.Tissue is necessary to place uniformly along the table, so that they were parallel to the ends of the table.Various drinks, champagne and wine (previously uncapped) should be placed closer to the middle of the center line of the table and a few bottles / carafes in different places (in the center, equidistant from one another).

A festive table for serving very well and went to tableware Villeroy & amp;Boch.Plates large and small need to place each other at equal distances.On top of a small plate put snack and snack-bar serving patties plate on the left.Cutlery is served as follows: put the right of the knife blade toward the plate plate, spoon the right knife.The plug is placed on the left of the plate.And the spoon and fork should be based on the convex side down.If serves fish, the addition (to the right of the conventional knife) put the fish knife and fork to the left of the usual - also is fish.To all starters need to submit additional devices (forks, spoons, tongs, shovel, etc.).

Ware for drinks (glasses, cups, glasses, brandy, etc.) must be on the right hand, the right of cutlery in a row or two (if different types of glasses and glasses of many) - along the knife to increasefrom small to large from the guest towards the middle of the table.Dessert smarter devices serve with dessert at the end, when guests have tasted the main courses.Dessert spoon put the convex side down on the right tablespoon dessert knife - right table knife, dessert fork and fork to the left of the dining room).

Any civilized festive table setting is complete without beautiful napkins (linen or linen), for the purposes, for example, so that guests can put them on his lap, you do not accidentally dirty clothes when eating.These wipes can be folded into a triangle, accordion, or a cone and put a plate next to it or right at it - again, at your discretion, how do you think will look better, but usually make a cone and put on a plate, it looks more solemn.