Gift for a girlfriend: what to give?

There are many legends about such a thing as female friendship.However, no matter what the rumors, she still is, and clearly stronger than men, although much rarer.Meet the real girlfriend - it's a great success, because it will not just be a loyal friend, and support, the main keeper of secrets and the best partner in various activities and adventures.In general, a real friend - this is one of the closest people.

Therefore, when there is a reason to make a gift for a best friend, immediately come to mind a thousand thoughts.There are many solutions, but many of them drop out.After all of the gifts she just is not necessary, others may seem offensive, while others simply are not worthy of it.

But do not despair: you can pick up a decent gift for a friend, if you follow a few tips.They will help, if you know your girlfriend: her tastes, habits, inclinations.As a result, you will be able once again to show people how important it is for you and how high you value it.

There are two ways in which you

can go when choosing a gift.The first - focus on the character and outlook of your girlfriend.The second path involves the region hobbies.If, however, you'll have to combine both of them, then a gift is twice as successful and valuable.Well, now let's look at each of these options individually.

1. If you choose to pick up a gift for a friend according to its nature, it is important to remember: do not pick a gift that would be contrary to its nature.For example, if your friend is not a lover to stand at the stove, and you give her cooking utensils, in the best case, it will be seen as a bad joke.Do not forget: if you are for her best friend, she expects you to more care and sensitivity to the person.

If your girlfriend - "Sweet Home Alabama" and the gift should be stylish.And if your tastes are not the same, give her a neutral item, such as fountain pen or a leather purse.If the preferences are the same clothes, and you know its size, then you can safely buy her a dress.

friend who likes to do household chores, you can give the dishes, appliances, or a gift certificate.Believe me, it will be grateful to you.But remember: a gift for podrugi- "mistress" should not be what it already has.Third toaster, clearly, is not the way.

if your friend - a pragmatist, you only need to give useful things.Even if they are only useful to her in the future, it is still a pragmatic girlfriend a gift like that.But things are just taking place, will not be accepted with pleasure.It can be said, for example, about a gift for a friend's birthday, as a room fountain or a porcelain doll.The pragmatic woman will take it out of respect, but without joy.But a subscription to a fitness club, is likely to be helpful.Just choose the one where you do go to visit him together.Otherwise, your girlfriend might think that this is an allusion to her weight.

But romantic girlfriend, you can just give and picture, and fountain and statue.In general - every little thing that would be nice and reminds you.

2. When choosing a gift, on the basis of his hobbies girlfriend, you need to consider a few points.Gift for a friend should be such that what she has not.As in the first case, it is meaningless to give what she already has.If the friend likes to collect, buy a new thing for her collection.And if she needlewoman, the new tool (which is better than the one that it is) will be just in time.

main thing to remember: the best gift for a friend - a measure of how highly you value her.And if he fails, then, in principle, nothing bad will happen.But you want to give your loved ones the best!So if you think carefully about what to give his best, closest friend, you will succeed.