Glasses for the newlyweds: versions

Glasses for the newlyweds wedding accessories are essential and play a significant role in the celebrations.And this is not surprising, since they are reflected in the numerous pictures and moving videos, as well as accompany the young throughout the ceremony.And during the wedding feast without them and did not do.Do not forget about the great tradition associated with the breaking up of wine glasses - this ancient ritual has a special meaning.It is therefore necessary to consider every detail design of glasses and decorate them so that they became worthy addition to images of the bride and groom.How to achieve this effect, we try to tell in this article.

Note that sets of glasses must be purchased in two copies.The first pair will be broken "for luck" before entering the room for a banquet.It is desirable that these glasses for the newlyweds were made of crystal.It is only this type of glass makes a specific jingle and crumbles amazing sparkling spray.On the wedding video it looks very impressive.To

what this pair of glasses decorated with all sorts of flowers, beads and ornaments - this is superfluous.It is enough to confine concise satin ribbons, which is not true of the second pair of glasses.That they have to regularly raise the couple agreeing to toast the guests.Just they become a kind of symbol of the wedding, which embodies the time to legitimize relations.Therefore, execution of the second pair of glasses should be given special attention.

course, glasses for the newlyweds should look bright and unusual.Numerous bridal salons and specialty stores offer a wide range of ready-made accessories for every taste and color.A variety of all kinds of variants simply amazing.But if you prefer something a little more refined and unique, it is worth paying attention to the glasses for the newlyweds handmade.Fresh flowers, ribbons, crystals, stones, engraving, monograms, portraits of the bride and groom - and this is not a complete list of variations decoration stemware.Professional florists and decorators will be able to arrange the glasses for the newlyweds so that they will make you a moment to experience the atmosphere of the fairy tale characters and feel loved works.The embodiment of the finest works of the author, together with elegant aesthetics of decoration allow to create fragile, delicate and elegant product that can be a worthy ornament of the most elegant wedding table.

more cost-effective and simple solution are glasses for the newlyweds with their hands.You will get the opportunity to express their imagination and creativity.To create a unique masterpiece, you can use crystals, artificial or fresh flowers, hand-knit items and even medallions.Beaded belts can give the glass refinement and subtlety.Decorating can be absolutely any part of the wine glass: the leg, and the cup and stand.To write the names of the couple and of image, you can use rhinestones.As the image will look great traditional hearts, doves, rings or flowers.The use of stained glass colors also create an unusual effect, because when dry they become completely transparent, while maintaining its original color.Remember that self-decoration wedding glasses is fairly long and laborious process that requires patience.

Whichever design wedding wine glasses you may have given his preference, as long as they fully meet the style celebrations, in harmony with the overall design of the room, and the bride and groom outfits.Glasses for the newlyweds, meet these requirements will achieve harmony in conducting the wedding ceremony.