hair accessories in our time, are astonishingly varied.In specialty stores jewelry presents a variety of headbands, barrettes, decorative flowers, combs and more.Modern hairstyle suggests decorating their hair with various decorative elements.And even for a short hairstyle, you can choose a lot of options of unusual aksessuarov.Samym simple and indispensable subject for creating hairstyles are hairpins.The use of this accessory recorded in ancient Egypt.But in those days they were available only to the wealthy women.So what could be called a stud "veteran" of ornaments for hair.

Conventional hairpins are black or colored metal accessories in a spiral shape to lock curls in her hair.Previously, they were only invisible helpers, which, though necessary, do not play the main role.

Today, the image of the studs extremely changed.It has become more spectacular.And changed its purpose.In addition to the lock hairstyle, hairpins became independent decoration.They have a variety of designs and colors.Pin h

air in the correct position should be parallel to the scalp.There must be a feeling that the edges dig into her skin.To properly position the pin in the strands, it is necessary to practice a few times.

hair pins became indispensable ornament not only for everyday hairstyle, but also for a solemn.And the creation of wedding hairstyles is complete without the subject.Wedding hairpin decorated with small flowers or rhinestones of different shapes.Basically, the color white or silver.With the help of fixed veil and simply decorated with individual styling details.

hairstyles for special colors rhinestone heels can be quite arbitrary.Topical will choose a shade to maintain their order or eye color.An important consideration when choosing a stud is the quality of the item.If the material quality, the stainless steel studs.Accordingly, they will serve you for a long time and not lose their appearance.

Stainless steel studs may be the basis for the production design hair ornaments.Special skills are not required for this.It all depends on your desires and fantasies.Can be used any suitable material: beads, patches, crystals, pieces of leather, ribbons, glitter.Draw a sketch of the future jewelry and get to work.Here is an example hairpins made at home.

Hairpin-based flower hairpin

For this you need a regular pin, a few pieces of material of different colors, a few small beads and glue.The size of the fabric depends on the desired size of the flower.Cut the first piece in the shape of a circle, the next - the same shape, but smaller diameter.Make it requires at least 5 layers.Treat blanks edge beads (use copies of the same size and color).In mid-sew some beads (you can choose a different size and color) - this is the core.The resultant flower to be attached using adhesive to the base of the stud.