Carpet cleaner: an overview of the most effective

present our review of the best known and most effective means to help bring your carpet in order!

Carpet cleaner «Karcher»

This special tool, made on the basis of environmentally friendly components.Buyers of it is left, as a rule, only positive feedback.The tool works as follows: it penetrates deep into the tissue, and then the foam dries and turns into a crystalline powder that appears on the surface.Thereafter, the powder can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.The foam has components that can be quite a long time to protect the carpet from dirt.This powder can be well-cleaned carpets and upholstered furniture variety, as they can be easily removed dust.

Carpet cleaner "Sanlyuks»

perfect tool for cleaning carpets and upholstery, as well as velor.Thanks to a substance that effectively eliminates and dissolves the dirt between the fibers, the powder is very popular.This tool does not contain active substances which disrupt paint fibers.The powder can be applied for carpets of different leng

th and density of the pile.If your house there are small children, then rest assured, the powder will not have a harmful effect on their delicate skin.

Carpet cleaner «Mitex»

It is a powder that is based on antiallergic agents.It is suitable for cleaning upholstered furniture, as it can handle a variety of rugs and textiles.This tool is good at dust mites after the first application.There is one caveat: since the powder is not aggressive, it can not be used to remove stubborn stains (wine, blood, fruit, etc.)

Carpet cleaner «Extra Profi»

powder «Extra Profi»designed for efficient cleaning of blood stains and gum.Also it means copes with the smells and animal excrement.The product is based on natural and synthetic fibers.

Carpet cleaner «Leather Cleaner»

equipment for carpet cleaning «Leather Cleaner» can be used for cleaning of carpets, furniture and interior of the car.Effectively removes dirt, odors and gives a new paint color and helps to eliminate secondary contamination.The product does not cause irritation of the hands, so it is convenient to work with.

Carpet cleaner «Flash»

powder «Flash» helps to cope with difficult stains.Also, the use of this tool helps to get rid of different odors and gives a new view of things.

Carpet cleaner «Spot Lifter»

Perfect for cleaning a variety of floor coverings and upholstery.This cleanser is perfect for wet cleaning and for cleaning without the use of surface water.

Carpet cleaner "Good Kit»

tool for cleaning upholstery and carpets called "Good whale" was created on the basis of environmentally friendly formula.It copes well with spots, as well as a positive effect on carpet fibers.

So, in today's world, a variety of different cleaners and detergents large and understand it quite difficult, I want to choose the best, after all cozy and clean house - a real delight for any hostess.Be sure, this article describes the only proven means for cleaning carpets!