Strollers with reversible handle - mom next door!

childbirth appears many pleasant hassle.You need to prepare a dowry to the kid, buy the best bed in the world and to get the first baby vehicle - wheelchair.The criteria by which it is selected for the newborn, there is enough.This is her weight, permeability, the method of folding and convenience.And when the kid grows up, comes the time of purchase stroller.Most often, it is sitting in it, the child learns the world, develops emotionally.

perfect stroller for the walk also has convenient shape, be light and agile.Another definite plus for such a "children's transport" is the presence of tumbler mechanism handles.Why is that?There are two important points that produce prams with reversible handle among other models.

First, scientific studies have shown that eye contact "child - mom (dad)," it is very important for a complete psycho-emotional development of the baby.Scarce, seeing his parents, a sense of security, stop worrying.A holder that is transferred to the "forward", easily solves the pr

oblem of visual communication with the child.Second, the baby carriage with reversible handle allows easily adapt to changes in the weather.Parents do not need to worry about what a child will blow in the face of biting wind, the sun shines.One need only throw a mechanism to protect the child from bad weather.Moreover, such manipulation is done in an instant.

Does the baby carriage with reversible handle disadvantages?Yes, they exist.The fact that such "walks" the center of gravity is shifted considerably.In this connection, a problem may arise with the administration, for example, upon arrival at the borders.

And to strollers with reversible handle is not out of order in a short time, it is necessary to overcome an obstacle, mount to transfer to the "back."

sometimes used the model of "walks" with swivel front wheels, which require a lock when throwing pens that may affect management.In this case, the corners have to lift the rear wheels.In addition to strollers with reversible handle much heavier than their "brothers" by the presence of rocker device.

There are many manufacturers offering vehicles for kids with such a mechanism.Most often occurs in reversible handle "walks" -vnedorozhnikov.Chair with three wheels and the presence of loose-leaf designs on the market of children's goods does not exist.

If we consider the specific brands, one of the most popular, which are available under the prams with reversible handle, a Capella (the production of South Korea).In Russia, the most common design line from Capella - Jetem.Excellent quality (and considerable cost) differ strollers Teutonia German production.

Choosing "outing" the baby, consider how the crumbs in it comfortably.And, of course, convenient to my mother.