Superb predator - Points "cat's eye"

It's probably no secret that it is possible to always look stylish and be able to quickly change its image.It's just, if you have different sunglasses for any occasion.This small piece wardrobe can help to quickly and easily turn languid daredevil lady in provocative or sexual temptress.It is only necessary to understand the trends and understand what colors, shapes, and frames to suit your type of person.Another important condition for success - to be able to pick up an accessory to a specific situation.What's good for the outing, not always suitable for a romantic date, etc.In some cases look great kruglyashi aviators, in others - points "cat's eye", classical or opaque mirror.

Each summer, the producers try to diversify the range of products.Sometimes, when looking at the stands with sunglasses, just look at first.You stand and speculated on what to choose.It will be easier to decide knowing about the main trends of the season.Focusing in them, at least not will choose unfashionable thing.To unders

tand which model to face, have their own or with the help of fellow counselors.On the seller in such moments can not always be relied upon.His task - to sell a product, and not to evaluate your external data.

Talking about the summer of 2013, among other forms of fashion, sunglasses can be called "cat's eye."In fact, it is a win-win.It is believed that such a frame is suitable for almost any face and the outline of the eyebrows.Their preferred by many celebrities such as American actress Audrey Hepburn often used such an accessory, complementing their own charming way.Yes, and current stars never miss a chance to wear glasses, "cat's eye" for a photo shoot.

elegant form of spectacle frames of this style came to us from the time of 50-ies of XX century.They occasionally went out of fashion, but the last couple of years, staying again at its peak.Returning to the podium in 2010, the sunglasses "cat's eye" to this day a source of inspiration designers famous fashion houses such as Prada, Dior, Versace and others.Of course, if the glasses "cat's eye" to buy from the most advertised brands, they will cost a round sum.But this will not only look stunning, thanks to the effective combination of crystals and glass, metal and plastic, but also 100% quality body protection from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.This is quite important in our latitudes in the summer.

In fact, sunglasses "cat's eye" is quite real to purchase and the cost of the more loyal.Products from the not so well-known manufacturers can also provide the necessary protection from the sun that you can successfully check on special stands, the presence or absence of light reflections when viewed through the lens glasses for a special "target".Details on testing is available from the sales assistant at the store.

Now technology of lenses with UV protection effect allow for solar control properties even points with virtually transparent glass.At the same time, these products are quite easy to manufacture, and the demand for them is so great that it opens up space for the activities of many scams.There is always a chance to buy a fake, buying your favorite model on the market.Several more reliable in this respect, stores (they must have documentation for the goods).A purchase in retail stores usually provides maximum protection against fraud, although costs are generally more expensive.