Points-drops for aviators and fashionistas

last eighty years of glasses, lenses that resemble droplets are the most popular models.These points are called differently: aviators, pilots, which clearly shows their connection with aviation."The dropping" shape that is now a fashion accessory invented back in 1930 company Ray-Ban.With this model, it has become a popular and world famous and to this day produces and continuously improves its patented invention.

Points-drops were created for military pilots specifically for the needs of the Air Force of the United States.The main demands made on them, lay in the universality, high-definition picture and high-quality protection of the eyes from the bright ultraviolet radiation.For this purpose, a special frame chosen, the material and shape of the glasses.

But in the 70 years of the last century, they were extremely popular among ordinary people.They began to wear a fashionista capital and movie stars.

What distinguishes glasses from other drops equally stylish glasses?The main features of this a

ccessory is a special, teardrop-shaped glasses that taper to the nose and a thin wire-rimmed glasses.Laconic, absolutely straight rim, slightly elongated lenses, thin jumper on the bridge of the nose and wide temples - that is the hallmark of these trendy glasses today.

For his century form of points has changed several times, offered with clear lens, angular forms.Change the location of the lens in the frame, it was given a different angle of inclination, increase and decrease the size.Even arch points changing.There are not only thin metal strips, but also double or even triple arch.There are points where the arches are wide multicolored stripes decorated volume decor.Bohemian options attract attention frame Swarovski crystals or precious and rare wood.

Modern glasses drops as well, and other points are available with plastic and glass lenses.Quite often there are models, which used a mirror effect of spraying or "chameleon".

Black sunglasses - color is not the only solution for this accessory.Now you can find smoked glass, blue, yellow or green.Rank them to add the appearance of special glasses for drivers and models with diopters.

Points-drops mirror - ideal protection from the sun.Large convex lenses help your eyes to sunlight become almost inaccessible.Research found that those who wear glasses teardrop-shaped, receives only 20% of harmful solar radiation.

aviator sunglasses They stopped for a long time only play a practical role and became a model of elegance and style.Depending on the model chosen, they are a classic part of the image, tender and romantic accessory audacious addition to the trivial hairstyle and outfit.

Officially, glasses with lenses in the form of droplets considered male model.After many American box office hits they became a symbol of strength and masculinity.And now they do not lose their relevance and are still popular among men of all ages.Points-drops are male and with a strict classical costumes, and everyday urban clothes.It is only necessary to determine the color of frames and lenses.

but created specifically for men, glasses, drops rapidly and entered the women's fashion arsenal.This model is so versatile that make a clear distinction between male and female points is almost impossible.Fashion accessory adds brutality of man and woman tenderness and mystery.