Tourist mat will create a comfortable environment in the campaign

Tourists - hardened difficulties people.But to create a comfortable environment for rest and seek them.A full night's rest - a guarantee of good health on the day and spend the night on the ground, even in the summer and get the full strength and health can not all.Because in the hiking equipment required to include local mat.Sometimes, not even one.

Tourist pad has a dual task is to improve the insulation and improves comfort for spending the night outdoors.There are various types of these devices: from simple to quite advanced and "clever".

most budget option tourist rug - "scum."This piece of double-layer polyethylene foam (foam), having bright colors and light weight.The thickness of these mats can be from 8 millimeters to several centimeters.Some of them have on one side a layer of foil, which serves as an additional barrier to cold or moisture.Such an "additive" is not reflected in the price too, but it sometimes plays a significant role.The advantages of "skin" can be attributed lightweight

(250-400gr) low price, good heat and moisture properties.Disadvantages of these mats: they are easily damaged and eventually lose their elasticity, "caked".Also, "foam" can not completely smooth out any unevenness of the soil.And in order to be able to relax, we have to clear the area of ​​any foreign objects (twigs, stones and bumps) or lay a mat, two, one on the other.

Rug tourist folding a few plates penopropilena, trimmed and connected to each other by means of various types of tissue.For making the top of the skin using natural fabrics (usually cotton), for the bottom - a synthetic water-repellent material.Positive aspects: pleasant to the touch upper layer, light weight (a little harder "skin"), compact size.Disadvantages: does not smooth out the irregularities of the soil, crushed in the folds can get wet, if the lower cladding used low-quality material, eventually loses its elasticity and the "caking".This camping mat will come in handy for a picnic or relaxing on the beach.For the campaign, calculated for a few days, it is advisable to choose something else.

For those who appreciate the convenience and comfort even in field conditions, self-inflating camping mat suit.It is a combination of a conventional "skin" with an inflatable mattress.Self-inflating mats produce a variety of companies, through a variety of filler materials and plating.There are models for routes of varying difficulty, different weather conditions.

If you choose this note pad on the reliability of the valves.It is they who are most often their "weak point."The advantages include a high comfort of rest and light weight.Disadvantage: The relatively high price (from $ 40), and the dependence on the valves.

choice is large and depends only on your preferences and desires.