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only at home, we can feel a real peace, to feel comfortable and truly relax.Native walls soothe, heal and relax.It helps in this and furniture, and miscellaneous stuff related to life's special moments.It's hard to get used to other people's things, other people's interior when you are somewhere away from your home.But a special impact on us has something on which we sleep and rest.By such furniture include single bed, double bed, sofas and armchairs.It is to them we spend a huge amount of time that is spent on sleep and rest.

Let us consider that today is a modern single bed.Despite the fact that it is considerably less than the size of a double, it has its advantages.It definitely saves space in the apartment.This is especially valuable for the Soviet-built apartments, where the rooms are not very square.There's no place to put a double bed, a small but very well-located.

single bed is a much smaller overall furniture for sleeping.Moreover, it fits perfectly into any decor (including a children's

room, where it is used most often).It is caused by the fact that there are many varieties of these beds are: metal, wood, inflatable, chipboard and veneer.It follows that the scope of their use is increasing.

more convenient and wonderful furniture - a single bed with drawers.This is an optimal combination of tables and a bed couch.Just think how much we have free space underneath!This is also the bedding and pajamas, and other favors can umyat in boxes.Solid space savings.And if you have children - it's all a great place to store toys, blankets and clothing.

Among all these advantages, there is one small drawback - under the bed (the bed between the drawers) is practically impossible to wash the floor without pushing the entire structure.And another thing: the bed is formed "dead" zone - in front of it you can not put anything (no chair, no dresser, no table), because the boxes have to somehow open.Exception - a table on wheels easily pushed aside when necessary.Last negative point (the rest only positive) - next to the bed is not a bed mat or track (also nominated boxes).For the rest, a single bed with drawers - perfect.

in vogue again include a single metal bed.Many people associate it with the past century, an eerie creak and unaesthetic appearance.In the past, maybe it was.But progress and improvement have left their mark and metal beds.Their appearance is not inferior specimens of wood and other materials.Time has not changed only one thing - their durability and reliability.For any budget they are not expensive, but it is a great buy for a lot of money.Bunk beds are often made of metal - they are strong and durable.

Single from whatever material neither has been implemented explicitly save you space to live and make the house comfortable.