September 7th, 2013 - Day of Moscow

Moscow for the first time mentioned in the Ipatiev Chronicle more 5 April 1147 under the name of Muscovy.Its name the city received from the river that runs to this day in its territory.Originally, Moscow had been a province of Vladimir-Suzdal principality, after the suburb of Vladimir.But during the reign of Yuri Dolgoruky it was cut off from Vyatichi.Pagan religion was changed to the orthodox.Presumably, the word "Moscow" has Slavic or Baltic origin.Meaning of the word in both versions are similar: "slush, liquid, moisture, swamp."

In 1238, Moscow was attacked by the Mongol army.But then, after the liberation from the Mongol-Tatar yoke, it gradually became the capital of the principality, and after a while, and the capital of Russia.

At present, Moscow is one of the ten largest cities in the world, is the largest city by population in Russia and Europe.January 1, 2011, the population was 11.5 million.

Officially Moscow City Day was first celebrated in 1947, the year of its 800th anniversary, but

in April and in September.Since then, every year the capital of our country traditionally celebrates its birthday.Moscow City Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of September.This year's celebration fell on September 7.

in Russia and all post-Soviet countries the day of the city - it is one of the most favorite holidays of the population.The causes of this holiday in the different towns and villages - the day of liberation from the invaders, the day of the base as a unit, date of receipt of the status of the city or a day of the baptism of the city.I was no exception and Moscow.City Day is celebrated on a large scale and magnificent, in the capital city opened more than two hundred concerts and dance floors, carry out a variety of entertainment events, carnivals, fairs, parades, sporting events, shows different sections and fireworks.City Day in Moscow officially celebrated on Saturday, but naturally continues on Sunday, and some on Monday.

In recent years become very popular performances by renowned artists at venues in the Red Square and other parts of the capital.For the attention of Muscovites and guests of Moscow also seems to Broadway - performance artists of different musicals.On the territory of the Exhibition Center hosts the annual festival of street art.Petrovsky, color, Neglinnaya, Christmas Boulevard arranged art festivals, including a film festival, exhibitions of famous and lesser-known artists, creative workshops, fashion and design area.Spectators pleased the brilliant performances of Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard - acrobats, magicians, jugglers, magicians, animal trainers and many others.

Day of Moscow in 2013, as usual, will delight all residents and visitors of cultural events, folk festivals and colorful, elegant, unforgettable laser show and fireworks.Total scheduled more than 500 all kinds of fun activities.

In the coming years, Moscow City Day will be celebrated:

2013 - September 7;

2014 - September 6;

2015 - September 5;

2016 - September 3;

2017 - September 2,.