Mother's Day in Ukraine and the world: history and tradition

International Mother's Day is by far the most light and warm holiday.After all, my mother - this is the main homemaker, loved ones native people who always will give a helping hand and understanding.

Mother's Day in Ukraine celebrate recently.For the first time at the initiative of the Union of Ukrainians in Canada, he noted in 1928.But exactly one year later, the residents of the western region of Ukraine (Galicians) introduced the custom to celebrate the annual feast of touching, in a loop heady aroma of violent spring bloom.This is due to the efforts of well-known at the time the editor of the weekly publication in Ukraine E. Kisilevskii, which organized the first such light holiday motherhood.

Patrimony of the holiday mother

mother of the human race as a prodolzhitelnitsu revered even in ancient times.The peculiar rites and ceremonies were held for this purpose in ancient Greece.Thus, the most ancient festival dedicated to motherhood, is considered to be a colorful festival dedicated to the

goddess Rai.His celebrated spring.Of the sources of the Hellenic mythology Ray - the wife of the god Cronus and mother of ancient gods and goddesses.

In ancient Rome, the locals began to celebrate the festival dedicated to the mother goddess Cybele, amid religious beliefs.Mother honored for three days - from the 15th to the 18th of March.

special occasions has become a celebration of all mothers in England in the 17th century.On the fourth week of Lent before Easter, children are gifts to their mothers a kind of traditional gift.It was a baked cake, decorated with twelve balls of marzipan.On this day every mother felt finally a real woman: her husband is freed from the daily grind in the kitchen.Tradition oven beautiful cake in gratitude exists in English now.

Mother's Day - a worldwide celebration

To date, more than 50 countries around the world celebrate Mother's Day, and 23 of them are celebrated in the same time, namely on the second Sunday of May every year warm.

times many do not know how many Mother's Day is celebrated in Ukraine.This holiday does not fall on any particular number.Since 1999, Mother's Day in Ukraine officially designated the second Sunday of every May.

Motherhood Day - a holiday of a pretty young, so it is within the family, we hardly notice.But in other countries, this celebration are prepared in advance: struggling to make the life of mothers in this memorable day fairy tale.Homework canceled and everyone warm attitude and care of children and beloved husband lead women overjoyed.A variety of gifts, sweets, cake, romantic walks and dinner by candlelight - and this is not the limit pastime mothers, for example, Canada and Germany.

Features celebration of Mother's Day in Ukraine

Mother's Day in Ukraine - a spring festival, which brings together all the inhabitants of the country.Indeed, so eager to express my gratitude publicly mom, and this opportunity given to everyone in the main square of Kiev.Celebrations their excellent organization and conduct of delight not only present but also future mothers.On the stage you can give your favorite mom spiritual song or beautiful poems.Bouquets of flowers gentle, cheerful music, fireworks and children's laughter - a bit of a festive atmosphere in the Mother's Day in Ukraine.

Gifts for Mom?

Even children know that Mother's Day in Ukraine, a number he had not fallen in the calendar, celebrated in mid-May.Springtime, fragrant nature, gardens, lush greenery and joyful songs of birds - all spoke about the upcoming festival, a joyful bustle.After all, you need to please my mom something unusual, and every child wants the best possible way to prepare for the holiday, to please the most beloved person in the world.

What a gift like her mother?You can buy something original in the store.But the best gift will certainly be a little hack, simple, but made their own hands.This can be a homemade card, drawing, figure out of clay, beads, etc.To do this, a little dream, to connect creativity and patience, then all must come out.And then my mother will experience pride in their child, and thank her for krovinushku cute heart gift.