Dysfunctional family: do not be indifferent

Life is not always so composed, as we envision it.Perfect cozy home, loving parents, talented children, a good job - all this is often a picture of a glossy magazine.But what if you start from the beginning spoiled if dysfunctional family poisons all hope?Can you help?And who should do this?How strong should the state control, and how much - social responsibility?

First, we should define the concept.Dysfunctional family - it's not always poor or incomplete.Children can be both parents, wealth can be, but if the house violence and humiliation, if the father or mother is drunk or take drugs, if anyone is in custody - all of this suggests profound dysfunctionality a "cell of society".Street orphans, beggars immediately apparent.And it becomes clear that only dysfunctional family could allow children were in fact to their own devices and to fend for their survival.But what if everything is hidden behind a facade of decency?When tragedies occur behind a high fence and metal doors?After all, social services

do not take care of the child of a family: parents do not ask for benefits, the street children are not expelled.The problems that cripple the psyche of a lifetime, not noticeable at first sight.For example, alcoholism and, especially, drug addiction - is the destiny of not only the "dregs of society".This disease, which can relate to anyone.And domestic violence is not always only happens in the slums.

In addition, if earlier dysfunctional family could count on the active involvement of public services - existed system of compulsory treatment of alcoholism, sobering-up stations, assistance is provided free of charge - now the possible limited.And there is a paradoxical situation: on the governmental level is inflated international scandal: "Our children are killing the evil Americans!", And domestic problems as it does not exist, or it is securely closed eyes.Experience in other countries shows that a high standard of living does not safeguard against the pathologies of socially significant illnesses.Most dysfunctional family in need of psychological support and assistance, and not material.Who should pay attention to it, who should be concerned about the fate of the child?

Children from disadvantaged families often have enormous psychological problems.They have a high level of anxiety, they may lag behind in development, they do not have the conditions to obtain a quality education.First of all these problems can and should be noted people from the immediate environment: neighbors, relatives, school workers.Indifference and non-interference - these are the reasons because of which the dysfunctional family loses the opportunity to help.In many countries, it is widely spread social advertising aimed at protection from violence.In addition to the public assistance programs, government and non-profit organizations provide counseling, housing, psychosocial support.For example, pay off crisis centers or telephone hotlines.Dysfunctional family - is not a private problem.People who suffer from violence, alcoholism, drug addiction, family, need to know where to turn for help.And most importantly, in the public consciousness is necessary to form the installation to protect the weak.After all, children from dysfunctional families often suffer in silence, they do not trust anyone and can not share their problems.Crisis centers for victims of violence room and board, to help solve the legal and judicial problems.People should know that the most difficult situation where they have to ask for help.