What a holiday - Independence Day?

Russians celebrate many holidays, one of the most revered - Independence Day.This date is seen not just as an extra day off, and as a day of pride for our country.Despite the fact that a young holiday, he is one of the most solemn.Freedom, civil peace, law and justice - its postulates.Day unites all the inhabitants of the country and learns to be responsible for the future of the motherland.

History of

Another in RSFSR adopted the Declaration of Sovereignty (12.06.1990).Later declared a non-working day and made relevant amendments to the Labour Code.The final name comes from the word "sovereignty", which means "independence."The Russian people are first treated with a coolness to this day, because he believed him guilty in the collapse of a huge country.Then people found out that the declaration itself is not the point that Russia is emerging from the Soviet Union.

Independence Day received a state status due to the first President Boris Yeltsin This was because it was on June 12, he won the el

ection by universal suffrage.It happened in 1991 and after 3 years has become a national holiday.VV Putin noted that this date - the origin of a new era of our country, and suggested that it be renamed the Day of Russia, which was done in 2002.

Independence Day 2013

Politicians claim that solemn date helps feel the responsibility for our country and get to know her past.On the Red Square in honor of the event held a grand concert in the Kremlin at the time awarded the State Prize.In all Russian cities organize concerts in the central square.Large enterprises, corporations, factories, organize celebrations, presentation of the working people.

Independence Day parties usually hold rallies.2013 was no exception: concerts, awards and prizes, rallies - all organized at the highest level.Finishing chord events - a huge, bright, beautiful salute and national anthem of our country.

Independence Day today

Russians' attitudes toward holiday positive.Mass attended concerts, contests, performances by comedians, exhibitions, sales.In large cities, soar into the sky in the evening fireworks.Day brings to the citizens of patriotism for their country, their city, their edge.

People love to go on nature for picnics: fried barbecue, relax by the ponds.Some believe the date plus the weekends, but most know that it is - a tribute to the history, the beginning of a democratic society.

now compose songs and poems to this holiday, they manifest pride, respect for the motherland.Praise the words tell you that Russia has experienced a lot in its history, but she survived and continues to evolve.Russian Independence Day (2013) has shown that citizens know the date of the national and honor them.

Our country has historical and cultural heritage.She has come a long way to "strong state."Its independence - the result of courage, hard work and dedication of their ancestors.You have to know and remember about it!