When the Day of Youth, and how it is celebrated?

Youth and youth - a great time.It is a time of great expectations and plans for the future.In this period, the whole world is lying in front of a man, and therefore depends only on himself.To emphasize the importance of the role of people in the life of each country, it was organized by a well-known holiday - Day of Youth.

In the world there are several celebrations, celebrates the young boys and girls.So simple answer to the question of when the Day of Youth, of course, impossible.The fact is that in addition to the World, which is celebrated on November tenth under the auspices of WFDY, festivals devoted to boys and girls, are held in almost every country separately.

The celebration, organized by WFDY, was approved after a well-known London Conference in 1945.At the same time it was created by the organization of Democratic Youth, struggling against imperialism around the world.Now the holiday is virtually unknown, it came to naught, unfortunately, and events in his honor.

Another correct answer

to the question: "When the Day of Youth?"- Will, of course, the answer is: "Twelfth of August."The date chosen by the United Nations to celebrate the occasion.This holiday was approved in Lisbon in 1998 as part of measures to raise awareness of the World Programme of Action that relate to young people.This program was created and adopted by the UN in 1995.Now each year this holiday is celebrated in different countries, and each year it has its own theme.For example, in 2012, the festival was dedicated to this topic: "To build a better world.Partnership Programme with young people. "

Russia has a separate day that young people can be considered as his personal holiday.It was approved in 1993, when the Youth Day was introduced in the register of events after the signing of the order of President Boris Yeltsin.Initially, it began to be celebrated on the last Sunday of June, but subsequently consolidated for a specific date.Since June 27, it was the official day of celebration of youth in the Russian Federation.

Youth Day 2013 in Russia is traditionally held under the auspices of the local authorities.In each city, measures were taken to support the festival.Traditionally, this concerts featuring popular singers among young people, quizzes, as well as sports and art competitions for boys and girls.Also on this day it is usually held all kinds of events and activities of youth self-government that exist in the administration of the municipality.

But in other countries the answer to the question: "When the Day of Youth?"- And all will be different.In a country such as Ukraine, is the last Saturday of June, and in China - the fourth of May, Turkey - May 19, and in Zambia and all March 11.But all of them are designed for one and the same: to show how important and necessary to support the initiatives of youth in all spheres of life.The future building will they, and how it will be, depends on this, as it is for young people must be definitely happy.