When celebrating the Day of light industry

profession in the world a lot, but not everyone has their professional holiday.Knitters, weavers, tailors, designers, furriers, furniture assemblers have their solemn date - Day of Light Industry.It has existed for over 30 years and is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of the first summer month.

What light industry

Branch is engaged in manufacturing of consumer goods from various types of raw materials.It includes several sub-sectors:

  • Clothing: fur, haberdashery, footwear.
  • Textiles: silk, cotton, knitwear, linen.

Enterprises also manufactures products for industrial purposes for the food, chemical, aerospace, furniture and automotive industries.The peculiarity lies in the fast return on investment, the high mobility of production and the possibility of quick change of the assortment of goods.

Day of light industry: The story of

factory industry originated in the 18th century.The impetus for technological progress were the sophisticated machines and apparatus: spinning machine,

weaving installation.It was a transitional step from manual labor to machine.

In the 19th century there was a rapid growth of many businesses.This was due to the fact that there were capitalist factory that used hired labor, not serfs.By the end of the century, they have identified the industrial development of Russia.

Day of light industry at the time was not observed.The main company is located in central handicrafts (tailoring, weaving, lace).The standard of living of employees was very low, as in the production was the lack of mechanisms and poor resource base.The situation is exacerbated the economic crisis.

Only in the 20s of the 20th century the establishment of knitting, sewing, shoe industry.The construction of new cotton, silk-weaving, filature.After the war, the company quickly recovered and earned a new force.And in 1980, claiming the Day of Light Industry.It's like a reward for the people for their continuous work, as a memory of our history.

industry today

Today, the industry is of great importance - to dress, to put on all the inhabitants of the country.There are problems:

  • low wage workers;
  • obsolete equipment;
  • appearance illegally imported into the country goods;
  • lack of own capital.

Despite the difficulties, the Day of light industry workers is celebrated in June, the second Sunday of the month.The address of employees do not sound nation-wide fanfare, not satisfied everywhere festivals and rallies, but each company organizes the award of prizes and solemn speech with words of gratitude.The family decided to congratulate friends and relatives who work in this industry.They are always pleased to receive congratulations on the Day of light industry, such as this:

That it's time to congratulate

dear person,

No, I will not dissemble -

otpahal you really third of a century.

Case Wizard afraid,

And the industry is growing,

I'm willing to work

bring home income!