Navy Day: Date of the holiday

Sailors have always been courageous people and persistent: they shoulder any problem.Every year, we are reminded of the best sons of the motherland on the day of the Navy.The date of its celebration does not fall on the same number, as celebrated on the last Sunday of the month the second year.On this day, on television and congratulated the military officers who were given the duty to the Motherland in the water.Congratulations "his sailors' relatives and friends.

story of

In 1939, the first day of the Navy approved.Date of the official celebration was on 24 July.In 1980 decree ruled that the Russians will celebrate the solemn date of the last Sunday of July.Even in Soviet times, everyone thought it my duty to congratulate the sailors.They were handed cards, gifts.

Today in day sailor heard congratulations from colleagues, relatives, friends and even the president.Everyone remembers the glories of the Navy, the courageous and brave soldiers, despite the lack of ships and submarines.


Navy Day, the date of which is known to every Russian, celebrated in a big way.In the cities, parades, concerts, sales, presentations, competitions.The higher ranks speeches, thanking the soldiers for numerous exploits and for his service.Stores sell special souvenirs, and in the evening residents enjoy the fireworks.On warships spend "open days", every person can come in and give gifts to seafarers.Worthy officers get promotion in the Navy Day, the date associated with the awards.

Russian fleet

Fleet began to take shape under Peter I in 1696, when first adopted a resolution on sea-going vessels.After 106 years, the Ministry organized a naval force, which existed until 1917.In the mid-30s of the twentieth century, the Soviet Union entered the fleet air defense, coastal defense, naval aviation.Now part of the water units are:

  • ships and boats - 200 units;
  • cruisers - 6 units;
  • destroyers - 8 units;
  • antisubmarine ships - 10 units;
  • submarines - 68 units.

recently appeared more modern ships and submarines with the latest weaponry.It is planned to expand the ships until 2020, as well as to introduce modern technological advances.On the day of the Russian Navy, the date of which falls on the hottest month of July, accepted to be photographed with the sailors.In newspapers and magazines appeared photos of ships, submarines exercises.The Navy today - it's underwater, flooded the power, aviation Marines, Coast Guard forces, part of the special purpose units in the rear.Strategic objects:

  • Northern Fleet;
  • Baltic Fleet,
  • Black Sea Fleet;
  • Pacific Fleet;
  • Caspian Flotilla.

On the day of the Navy, 2013, the date of which was July 28, held rewarding staff, concerts, parades, meetings.Especially solemn celebration took place in the cities and bases where the focus of our fleet.

sailors - is the strength, the pride of our country.They are equal to boys, and many young people dream of "blue vests."Noting the holiday, we support the fighters and provide them with attention and respect.