Svetlana Name day in the Orthodox calendar

Name day - old Christian tradition, which stands for day of remembrance of the saint whose name is given to a person at birth and baptism.The dates of the celebration of the angel appointed in accordance with the Orthodox calendar, a list of the most revered martyrs canonized.It so happens that it is unknown what the name of the Monk is this or that person.In this case, according to tradition, the name day of the church calendar celebrate the day of the saint whose memory the calendar coincides with the birthday of the Christian or follows immediately after it.Therefore, despite the huge amount of name-for some individual names, each person can only be one day an angel of the year, determined in accordance with the date of any of the reverend.

meaning of the name Svetlana

Name Day Svetlana have a decisive importance in shaping a child's character traits.The baby, born on such a day, from birth laid down certain personal characteristics and quality.The origin of the name Svetlana has Slavic roots

.The girl, named, childhood is different enough contradictory.The fact that it is a very high opinion of his person, although she is studying the medium and does not have special abilities that help you stand out among their peers.At work and at home she is very bossy and she is doing well.At the same time Svetlana - a very kind and sincere man, ready to help even a stranger.As a young girl watching her appearance, always strives to be a trend.Svetlana likes to communicate with men, women's society it is less interesting.She always knows how to learn from the mistakes and is ready to drastically change the way of life, if necessary.For example, change jobs, become softer and more sociable.The most important thing is to know a girl celebrating birthday party Svetlana that her happiness depends only on itself.So before you get married, the girl should make sure that her lover - a decent man, and loved her really.She was very diplomatic relations with in-laws, so it is usually very fond mother-in-law and.Svetlana very much tied to their children, doing everything to give them an excellent education.A good hostess and faithful wife.

Svetlana Name day on the church calendar

Svetlana name was coined by AHVostokov and was first used in the romance "Svetlana and Mstislav" in the late 18th century.Widely known after the publication of the name has become well-known ballad "Svetlana" V. Zhukovsky.It was used in a general practice only after the October Revolution, when the church was lifted restrictions on naming the names of the saints of ordinary people.Popularity brought him the time of Stalin, when he was named the daughter of a famous politician.Harmonious linguistic form and easy sounding name it contributed to the rapid spread of the population of Russia.

Svetlana Name Day celebrated traditionally in honor of the two most famous Orthodox saints.February 26 - the day of memory of St. Svetlana Palestinian.April 2 Svetlana celebrated name day Roman.