Fisherman's Day.

Man has always loved to look at the water surface.Stormy ocean, shining sun glare on the surface of the sea, fast river and a quiet lake - all this has long attracted people who are found in the water not only pleasure of contemplation, but also a source of food.Indeed, the seas are rich in fish - fishermen's prey.People engaged in fishing at the professional level, called the fishermen.And fishermen - lovers is so popular in our country hobby.Despite this difference in definitions, both of them in a big way celebrated Fisherman's Day.

When we celebrate the Day of the fisherman in Russia?

When the Fisherman's Day is celebrated in Russia?The roots of this holiday goes back in 1980.Date of the celebration changes each time.Who made his mark on the second Sunday of July.Determine how many Fisherman's Day is celebrated every year, only consulting the calendar.For example, in 2012, fishermen around the country competed in skill and boasted of his catch on July 8.A Fisherman's Day in 2013 falls on July 1

4th.Of course, fishing - this is a hobby, which can manifest gambling.But the process of catching fish and brings a sense of calmness, satisfaction.That's due to a combination of different properties of fishing as a hobby has become very popular in our country.

What gifts are appropriate?

on holidays to make presents.At Fisherman's Day, when all whispers and sings about the fish, the best gift angler will catch him, or at least the very possibility of a break with a fishing rod on the river bank.The possibility that something can be created, but with a catch difficult.Do not be the same friends and relatives, dressed in diving suits, secretly cling fish on the hook for his companion, as in the famous movie.But they may well be in the day to cook a holiday dinner (dinner) of fish and seafood.Not deprived poetic gift may give the angler poems praising him as the best fisherman in the world (the old man caught the goldfish does not count).Also relevant will be souvenirs in the form of a fish, a variety of tools for fishing: fishing rods, a folding chair, a thermos.

As they celebrate this professional holiday?

Is there any tradition of celebrating?Absolutely.How can manage Fisherman's Day, when all the fishermen only think about how to catch at least a small rybёshku (and it is better to most big fish), but for the most fishing ?!On this day, everywhere on the banks of reservoirs arranged competitions, contests, the main prize and the purpose of which is, of course, a good mood and positive charge is a healthy energy.It may be competition for the best and a successful, clever and patient fisherman, family competitions for the best fishing family.People with even the most remote relation to this holiday, it is better to hold on to the nature of Fisherman's Day.When you then will remember him, thoughts and feelings are only the most enjoyable, because you get a storm of emotions, a healthy portion of fresh sea (or river) air pacification of communicating with the water element, from initiation to a motley and surprisingly interested in their work environmentfishermen.