Valerie Name Day: patron saint

Decide how will they call the long-awaited child, - it is very responsible.Parents always want for her son or daughter only the best, and therefore the name is chosen very carefully.It has long been known that its value affects the destiny of man.But not even that is sometimes decisive.Now parents want to pick up as much as possible beautiful and unusual name.And before that it was all very different.Newborn anoint on the calendar.Was born man received the name of the saint, whose memory was honored on his birthday or the day of the christening.It was this monk became the patron of a new life, accompanied by his namesake in his way.That's why modern parents should think about who will be next to their favorite child in the most difficult times.

But as you know, in a lot of the Christian church of the saints.Many of them are of the same name.Even seemingly rare name Valeria in the calendar can be seen twice.This May 6 and 20 June (23 April and 7 June to the old calendar).One could say that the name day

of the church calendar Valeria notes twice a year.But it is not.Patron Saint of the girls will be only one holy.And so it is a little better to know about the lives of those women whom the Church canonized.

Queen Valery

girl forcibly was married to the cruel pagan Maximian, who later became emperor.After his death, the new emperor - Maximin - longed to marry Valeria.And he cites for refusing her and her mother - the Queen Alexandra - in Syria, where they lived until his death.With the ascension to the throne of the new ruler of the women wanted to return to his native Nicomedia.In fact, according to rumors, Licinius did not hate Christians, and was even favorable to them.But these conversations were false.Treacherous Licinius ordered the execution of the Exile.Their decapitated bodies thrown into the sea.

his name day Valeria, named in honor of the queen, can mark May 6th.

Valery Caesarea

Another saint, it bore the proud name was martyr Valeria Caesarea.She was born a pagan.But after meeting with an unknown Christian came to the true faith.This prompted her to live in seclusion and spend time in prayer for those who are mistaken in their beliefs, and of those who converted to Christianity and was persecuted.Her faith in Christ was so strong, that has helped it withstand the brutal torture of the Gentiles, forced her to renounce the true God.

Her memory is honored on 20 June.On this day we celebrate the name day of Valeria.The girl, named in honor of the saint, can count on her help.By the way, Valery Caesarea also known as Kaleria.Although civil documents and Valerie Kaleria - they are completely different people, according to the calendar are two variants of the same name.

But it is possible that parents named her daughter just like that, without thinking about who will be its patron.When, then, to celebrate the name day of Valerie?It will be the patroness saint whose memory the day after the date of birth should be a girl.

Valerie Name day - a worthy occasion to give attention to this extraordinary, strong, bright, brave, bright and cheerful woman or girl.After all, before the day of memory of the patron saint it was much more important than the day of birth.It was then collected guests brewed beer and baked cakes.Of course, now it is not given a value to this holiday, and his name day Valerie prefer to celebrate in a peaceful home, but a sincere participation and congratulations to all of them will appreciate.