Igor Name day in the Orthodox calendar

Name Day - an important day in the life of any person.In the old days it was customary to name a child in honor of the saint, the feast day of which the baby was born.It was believed that in this way the guardian angel will protect and defend the mere mortal for life.When the celebrated name day of Igor, a mark is applied on the character of the child, who took care of the Reverend?

origin of the name Igor

Word has Scandinavian roots.According to one version, his predecessor, was the name of Invar, which is from the Greek means "idiot", "moron."Meanwhile, a particle known -ing indicates the Norse god of fertility.In the Russian language the name was transferred to the value of "keeping God."According to another version of the same name has Celtic roots, since the particle -iger very popular among the people.

value named Igor

boy who is given birth "to keep God" has a pronounced analytical mind, strong character and self-confidence.The child is very mobile, well converge with peers, he

likes to have fun and funny game.The school has a medium, but the exact science to it are better than others.Study boy devotes little time, does not like to do homework, skips classes.Higher education is not necessary namesake famous prince, after school, he would prefer to go to work immediately.

Name Day Igor imprinted on his whole destiny.The boy can achieve impressive success in the sport, of course, if you make significant efforts.In music, the youth may also lead, but due to the lack of perseverance and dedication, if success does not come immediately, the class will no longer be interesting.He threw everything but without achieving a result.With different people Igor is easy common language, he has many friends.However, it is also easily parted with the person, as well as go with him.

Igor's family - the owner.The wife he prefers to always keep with you and will never tolerate treason.His word in the house - the law.Name day Igor effect on his personal characteristics.He loves all the bright and elegant.This applies to both original gifts and gorgeous women.He is important that all envied and were drawn to him.For the quality of life and comfort, he is ready to sacrifice very much.If he will have to choose to have a major effect on his prestige, he always chooses his own interests, not even thinking about a solution.

Igor Name day on the church calendar

name is considered to be one of the first loan words in the ancient language.It takes its roots from the time of Rurik.In those days, the name day of Igor could celebrate only notable person, it had very limited distribution.Frequent use the name becomes after the October Revolution, and in the 60s and did at the peak of his popularity.Name Day Igor associated with the celebration of the saints according to church rules, referred to June 5 (relics of Prince Igor) and September 19 (day of memory of Blessed Prince Igor).