Ethics Fidelity in a family in the late period of the Zhou Dynasty in ancient China

Here are some examples of extremely faithful family in ancient China.

When Prince Chu and his family were attacked and the prince himself was forced to flee, the chief eunuch Chu, named Chen Chun, followed him, carrying a young princess Chi Me on the back.Later, when the prince wanted to give the princess for someone to marry, she refused, giving the following explanation: "The daughter should not intervene when it comes to choosing her future husband, but Chun Chen carried me on his back."The prince then gave her in marriage to Chun Chen.She was not grateful to him, but rather, it is believed that what Jung was physically very close to her, obliges her to marry him only as prescribed rituals.

in 579 BC.e.distinguished guests from state called Jin Chi Chu asked the dignitary Lu principality with a request to find him a wife.The employee then took the power of the wife of lower rank officer named Shi Xiaoshu and gave it to his wife Chi Chu.My wife said to her husband: "Even the birds and qu

adrupeds so easily parted with their life partner.What will you do? "Shi Xiaoshu replied:" I do not want to tempt fate and to be killed or sent into exile, if I refuse to obey. "Then the wife went to Chi Chu Jin, bore him two children.After Chi Chu died, people Jin sent the woman back to her ex-husband in Lu.He went to meet her in the Yellow River, but it was not so close.There he drowned her two children by Chi Chu.Then his wife said with anger in his voice: "At first you did not protect his wife and allowed her to take away from you.And now you can not behave like a father in relation to the two orphans who have lost a father, and kill them.Who knows, you lead the self in the future! "Then she made a vow, that he would never see it.

There is a record that around 661 BC.e.Prince Lu once built a high balcony around the house employee of high rank of the State.With it, he could see the daughter of the employee.Prince wanted her, but she slammed the door in front of him.And only when the prince had promised that he would do it with his first wife, she condescended to him and later gave birth to a son.

Further, in 665 BC.e.Qu Yuan, governor of Chu willed widow of his brother, he moved closer to her.In his house were held ceremonial dances to attract her attention.The widow cried and said: "My late husband arranged such dances to prepare his troops for battle.And now our ruler uses them not to take revenge on the enemy, but in order to get closer to a poor widow. "Qu Yuan was very confused by this.

in 677 BC.e.Prince Chu Xia destroyed principality and took a wife of the prince.But she flatly refused to talk to him until then, until the bore him two sons.When the prince asked why it took so long was silent, she said, "I'm a poor woman, forced to serve two masters, even without killing yourself.What could I say? ".

And here is another case when a woman refused to talk with her husband, but for entirely different reasons - terribly ugly high-ranking employee married to a very beautiful woman.Within three years, she refused to speak to him.Once, when he took her to the chariot of the lake and there is a pheasant shot from a bow, she laughed for the first time and spoke to him.

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