What child read at night?

Well ... "Hello, I'm Your Aunt!" ... Come ... I never thought that I was asked to do so ... Just remember the film "Operation" Y "and other adventures Shurik."Remember how he fed the baby porridge and sleep was packing?That's it ... And I was horrified imagined that something like that awaits me.

And it all is that his sister had to urgently leave for another city, a man she picked up with you, all the relatives somewhere mysteriously disappeared and as a result, I have had the fate of the whole evening to tinker with the five-year fidget named Lena (rightsay, a typhoon with two bows)."Well, what of it - admonished sister, handing me a huge box of dolls, balls, plush rabbits and other awful things - most importantly, be sure to make porridge with milk and lay me to sleep no later than nine o'clock.""It's easy to say .." - I thought, and looking at with interest looks at me Lena realized that she feels the same way.

Well, nothing.Still have pedagogical education - we manage somehow.In memory surface

d lectures on the methodology of education of children of preschool age, but nothing to do with the five-being is tied to the tail of my beloved cat bow, not found.

After an hour of perfect order has nothing to remind: I could not make a single step, so as not to step on any toy from my books was built a house, which in the "voluntary-compulsory" was inhabited by a cat already, it seems, surrendered and resigned to his fate, and snow-white surface of the refrigerator, markers of all possible colors, formed some bjaka.Soon I knew all the plush little animals by name, professionally swaddled doll Katya, and indeed the game of "Mothers and Daughters" I even start to like it.

After playing enough, I began to cook porridge.Thank God that the packages write "methods of cooking," otherwise has the fourth attempt, I could never have prepared.Kasha, of course, was very tasty and convincing doubt a child, I did uplel good half, with the "child", saying: "Just a spoonful ..".

Time inexorably to nine in the evening, which I am very was happy, anticipating a quick peace and quiet.And then my little Lena again taken aback: it turned out that my mother the night she reads a fairy tale, so I also have to read, otherwise it resolutely refuses to go to bed.In the box of toys I've found a couple of children's books, prudently laid back sister.

So be it.Small wonder climbed into bed, I opened the book and ... first caught my eye was the phrase: "... and in the morning Snow izdohla ...".Without a moment's hesitation, I slammed the booklet, and took another.I found a story "About a cheerful shoemaker" (it seemed to me that there is certainly no "faint" will not be), and began to read: "One day in the spring, in a small village, all children have died ...".At first I was terrified of what fairy tales are treated today children.And then I realized that other children's books, and I have nowhere to take the fairy-tale story, except from the memory (see the Internet I did not dare, for fear of stumbling on the same "izdohshih" Belosnezhek).The only thing that came to my mind philology - a ... Greek epic.

- Do you know the story of King Odysseus? - I asked Lena five years, is expected to probably another fairy tale about "Varis pot" or "How hedgehog ran on the grass."

- No.Who is it? - Lena interested.

- Well then, listen.Once upon a time there lived a king on a remote island ...

narrator of my unimportant, and the children I never before did not tell tales, but Lena listened breathlessly about all the adventures of Odysseus, Penelope, Telemachus, and other heroes of the Homeric epics.I myself was so engrossed in the history, which is not noticed as a child fell asleep.Turn off the lights and closed the door behind me, I went to my room to re-read "The Odyssey."

morning arrived sister and took her daughter to send her to kindergarten, and in the evening called and, laughing, said that the teacher in bewilderment: where five-year girl knows so well the heroes of ancient Greek literature, which she learned only at the institute?