Tale that is worth reading for the night her baby.

Since ancient times, when people still lived in a cave - he lulled her baby babbling.He fell asleep, probably under him as he dreamed and magical worlds ... And one day he came up with cub recount his visions.Probably so, and there were tales.Perhaps the invention of them marked the era of Homo sapiens, with imagination, and perhaps I may say so, that the invention tale more weight to development of mankind than even the invention of the wheel.

course telling fairy stories become a matter of popular and fashionable.Each cave man felt obliged to invent the most interesting and surprising tale and tell it to my family.Gradually, people have discovered the opportunity to invest in a fairy tale, and the meaning of their ideas on what should be the same when the baby grows up.Cub in turn, had heard plenty of stories from papa and mamma, I do not imagine any other way than that described in fairy tales.And the life of the ancient people was absolutely fabulous.

There were not just years - centuries.Gener

ation generations pass, and many people stopped to write a fairy tale for the simple reason that they were too busy with daily chores.Others have stopped writing them because they had no one to tell their tales.But others simply did not have the talent to the addition of stories.However, there are also people who are just so involved and that writing new stories.They honed their skills day and night, year after year, and their tales were the most interesting of all.These tales lulling and lulling many generations of children and their children and now lull and ours.Such tales were and will be eternal.

We like to tell them to their children because they themselves remember well how sweetly asleep under my mother's voice.Tale has always been associated with something ancient and magical at the same time - kind and comforting.She always carried a warmth and comfort.It is these things we are remembered and appreciated so much over the years.But sometimes I wonder, as if all fairy tales in colorful covers, we bought at a nearby bookstore will benefit our children?Many authors put into their creations just yet terrifying thoughts and ideas.How to understand - whether the child will not be listening to the latest super zombie horror in your performance?It seems to me - it is very simple.Put yourself in the place of the baby.Imagine - if you become warmer on the story you are about to read to your child at night?Or warm and breathes.From my own experience I can say that it is a feeling of warmth and comfort, a kind of light-kindness that comes from always define the text, whether it is read to the child or not.