Moral patriotic education of preschool children - as the most important component of the formation of the child's personality

All agree that raising children is a very important process that allows to put in the child's most important principles and moral values.On what is to be these values ​​and their own internal settings it depends most importantly - the way of life, his ideals and objectives in life.Well, if the child is raised in a good family, where his parents and grandparents will be able to lay the foundations of kindness, honesty, integrity, love and mutual support.However, unfortunately, quite often things happen is not as good as we would like, because in addition to parenting children grow in a particular social environment, which greatly affects their behavior, attitudes and opinions.Moral patriotic education of preschool children can provide an invaluable service in the formation of a new identity and future citizens of its powers.

modern education system is constantly adjusted, resulting in the introduction of new subjects, gradual reorientation of some school subjects, deepening in the study of social scien

ces.However, despite the reformation processes that take place in primary school, many serious problems associated with education, a heavy load hang over the heads of educators and teachers.Suffice it to say that the level of discipline from year to year is reduced, and the number of children who do not have time to absorb the curriculum becomes more and more.

In this regard, the number of parents who are aware of the importance of this process, as morally patriotic education of preschool children, is growing.Unfortunately, young children are often exposed to adverse factors of modern civilization, such as advertising, violence and cruelty, the imposition of selfishness, corruption and so on.All of this child's mind perceives at first, but then begins to reject.After all, every child - it's a piece of divine beauty, which seeks to perfect and pure.And only if the impact of these factors becomes too strong and constant, the child can occur breakdown, and it will lose the real life landmarks.As a result, children become violent, recruited bad habits, start behaving arrogantly and even rude.

That is why civil patriotic education of preschool children is so important to start to vaccinate the young generation still in kindergarten.After all, for each person there is no culture more than the folk-based traditions, beliefs, spiritual and moral education.In those kindergartens where moral patriotic education of preschool children is introduced as a compulsory, children show very smart and talented.In addition, they wake up the main human emotions, such as love, friendship, honesty and desire to help his comrades.In the study of folk beliefs, tales, fairy tales and songs the children laid the concepts that serve as a solid foundation for their life.It is important to understand that if at an early stage of development of the new man in him lay the right foundation, the future of such children do not worry, because the moral and spiritual settings will be reliable support for him throughout life.

also important multicultural education of preschool children, enabling all children to live in peace and friendship, despite national, religious and other differences.Thus, summing up we can say that the moral and patriotic education of preschool children is an important part of the overall education of the young generation, which must be entered in the general curriculum of kindergartens, as a result, we can get patriotic children, who will love their country and defend it.