Parents whom you bring in your child: Genius or parasites?

The recent trend in the reduction of capable workers and an increase in active parasites.But perhaps few people realize that it is the parents directly affect both the aggravation, and the solution to this problem.

First, I want to give you a very good example of life.Recently, I went to the subway.I sit.I see on the car is a young, healthy and well-dressed woman.In one hand she sealed in plastic sheet of A4 with a photo of the child and, kind of like a diagnosis.In another - a black bag on his shoulder neat leather handbag for money.

And she pitifully little and in some cases even lazily asks the passengers of the car to help her financially.In general, the standard for the Moscow subway professional beggar.I immediately thought of at least five in all similar to her characters, two of which I saw a decent dining in the cafe.Therefore, even the thought arose: could someone have created courses on professional begging in the subway.

And most interestingly, these women give money on the subway.From

one point of view, this is a good indicator - people want to help.Despite the crisis and the promotion of all the media hype ubiquitous, our people want to help and assist.Truly broad Russian soul.

But someone may ask, what does all this have to do with the subject of the article.It's simple.To do this, let's look at the other side of the coin of this aid.The person who gives money to this woman - it helps, or think that helps.The person who requests and receives the money is actually received confirmation that it can continue to receive money without earning it.

IeHere, the following occurs: a person does not produce or does not provide anything of value to your survival, you are also receives money for it.It is good if the funds will really go for the treatment of someone's child.So, at least, will be realized your desire to help.In any case, the main problem is not solved.The man realized that he could do nothing and get paid for it.

Also, when you give money to such a person, other people see it.As you know, a bad example is contagious, and anyone can start to use it.And if you look closely at your surroundings, you will find that the social, "begging" is quite developed, and takes many forms.

non-obvious example is young people who are long enough to allow parents.They buy a phone and pay for their studies, for they are busy arranging a good job, etc.In itself, it happens all the necessary help for your child.But there is one point: most parents do not give the child (no matter what his age) to do something in return for the help and support he constantly receives from his parents.

All this is nothing but as an encouragement to non-production.Under the production is the process when a person gives (produces, sells) something of value to others.It may be something objective (such as a television or a car), and perhaps a necessary service.But it should be valuable because, as a rule, a person is on the exchange necessary for their survival things.It may be money, and maybe even support someone at the right time.

So, the main mistake many parents - to maintain the idea that the child is small, weak, and did not know how to be able to give them something of value.Honestly, it is not.You can check it out.And I assure you, you will find a pleasant surprise.Children are very capable.Especially if you give them this exercise.And the earlier in life the better.

example, known to all the composer Mozart wrote his first concert at age 4!In 6 years he and his family traveled throughout Europe and performed in front of royalty.By the way, a very interesting point: in spite of the popularity of their children (Wolfgang was also a talented sister) and their parents to remember that children are - is, above all, children who should be his childhood and, of course, children's fun and frolic.Therefore, distinguished and serious musician Wolfgang often interrupted his studies to play with the cat or galloped through the rooms on the top of his father's cane.

And Thomas Edison has a 10-year-old fond of chemical experiments and created in the basement of his first laboratory.Needing money for experiments, Edison 12 years, he became a salesman of newspapers and candy on the train.In order not to waste time, she suffered a chemical laboratory in available by the baggage car and conducted experiments on the train.At age 15, I bought on the occasion of the printing press in the baggage car to publish his newspaper, which was sold to passengers.Edison's genius and his extraordinary hard work can be considered as a credit to his mother, a former school teacher who has continued his education and training at home, after he was expelled from school.

famous philosopher and humanist of the twentieth century, L. Ron Hubbard, who himself started teaching at 17 years and further his studies of human nature in great detail considered questions of education and training in its leadership to improve the life of "The Way to Happiness" recommended the following:

«Watch for children (even the smallest).Listen to what children tell you about their lives.Let them help you.If you do not, they will have to suppress the overflowing of their sense of duty.

child can not live without love.Most children are ready to give generously in response to his love. "

important to understand that any normal child who has learned to walk and talk, maybe most importantly wants to be helpful.Try to give him a simple task and show how to perform them.It may be cleaning the house, taking out the trash, wash the car, or even to paint a fence in the country.The main show how to do it right, and even better to do it together, showing and telling why and what you are doing.As a result, your child will be able to do it yourself.

also sometimes kids want to make a contribution to the family of his works, but are not sure that it would be valuable to you.For example, if your child likes to dance or paint.You will make him happy, if you ask him to show you the new dance.Or tell him that you do not have enough pictures on the walls to decorate the room, and his work would be very out of place.So you get not only a happy and abilities of the child, but also a good friend.And more importantly, you will build up his important adult qualities: hard work, desire and ability to contribute to the group that supports it.