Clay pots for the kitchen and home floriculture

Pottery - the most ancient kind of housewares.That clay from ancient times has been used by man to create utensils and containers for storing the most valuable and essential products - oil, grain, wine, water and so on. D. This is not only because it was one of the affordable and easy to handle natural materials.Pots of clay has the essential qualities that help keep food fresh for a long time.The porous structure of such a utensil at the same time protecting food against excessive moisture, but its walls to "breathe", breathable, preventing the possibility of decay and over-drying.

clay pots, and today is widely used in households for storage and cooking.Such dishes are still considered the most environmentally friendly, because it is still made only from natural materials by direct firing in the kiln.Large clay pots with special narrow slits successfully used for storing vegetables, onion and garlic.They do not need advertising, ceramic pots and pans for cooking in the oven and the oven.They have an

amazing property - to accumulate and retain heat for a long time inside, which contributes to a deep and uniform propekaniyu products that it does not overcook and do not desiccate.Especially good clay pots used for cooking meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

special role belongs to ceramics in home horticulture.For a long time were the only clay pots and essential capacities, which were used for breeding and planting pot plants.It's now emerged of plastic and glass counterparts.However, it should be noted that the traditional ceramic pots, many prefer, as they are still more useful for live plants.Their main advantage is still the same porous wall structure that allows the vaporized moisture and therefore less susceptible to root rot, moreover, through the micropores to the roots of the air supplied, that they are also required.Large pots of clay with plants look more aesthetically pleasing, natural color, and the form and artistic performance complement the beauty of a living tree, creating a single composition.However, the porous structure of ceramic pots and is a major drawback, as it reduces their lifetime.The pores are clogged harmful organic salts deposited on the walls, they enter the soil and the root system of the plant.Furthermore, in such tanks due to intensive moisture exchange occurs root system subcooling, when, for example, leave the pot in a cold room, or outdoors in cold weather.

Of course, fans of the home and flowers, a large collection of plants, prefer a less expensive and bulky plastic containers.They are durable, lightweight and comfortable.Beautiful clay pots (photo sends them a special charm) is mainly used for the original flower arrangements or single plants, which are the stylistic and aesthetic decoration of the room.In this case, a natural material from which made the pot, looks more attractive, reminding us of the ancient history of pottery accompanying the person throughout its history.