Old-age pension: Types and Features Appointments

For citizens who reach a certain age and therefore are unable to support themselves financially, the state provides for the payment of pensions.

old-age pension can be of two types:

  • labor retirement pension;
  • social old-age pension.

purpose of each type of payment has its own characteristics and peculiarities.

labor retirement pension - money monthly payment, which is assigned to people who have reached a certain age set by the law, and with relevant work experience.It has the purpose of compensation of wages or other income, which was typical for the period of employment.

old-age pension is made up of separate components:

  • base;
  • insurance;
  • funded.

pensions and defines the procedure for payment of the Federal Law "On labor pensions in the Russian Federation."

labor retirement pension may be paid after a certain age, as well as the availability of at least five years of pensionable service.For men, the retirement age in the coming 60 years, for women - 55 years.

Certain categories of

citizens are entitled to retire at an earlier age.

This applies to those who:

- worked in special conditions,

- in the Far North,

- to perform certain activities for a specified period (medical, teaching staff) - retirement pensions,

-certain categories of persons with disabilities,

- - mothers with many children.

base portion is set as a fixed amount (the so-called total size).On its size have the following factors: disability, achieving eighty age dependents.In this case, it sets a higher pension.When the simultaneous presence of several factors pension is set to an even greater amount (n. 4, Art. 14).

In accordance with the Federal law of general July 24, 2009 the basic part became part of the insurance (the so-called fixed size).

fixed amount of the insurance part of a February 1, 2011 equals 2963 rubles 07 kopecks.

Cumulative is the ratio of the amount of savings in insurance payments to the number of months the period in which pension payments are planned.

funded part - it is the only component of the pension, the amount of which depends on the citizen.It may invest any organization of choice of the citizen (public or private).

social old-age pension

social old-age pension is assumed by the State to the benefit to citizens who have reached 65 and 60 years (men and women) and have no work experience of five years as well as the citizens of small peoples of the North, which reachedage 55 and 50 years (men and women).

social old-age pension is meant for disabled citizens who have reached old age and not eligible for the retirement pension.For this category of citizens is actually a social pension is the only source of material support.

Characteristically, the social old-age pension can be paid from the age of five years to exceed the conventional retirement age.Early social pension (such as old-age labor) can not be obtained.

right to receive government payments are only citizens of the Russian Federation, furthermore, foreign citizens and stateless persons who permanently reside in the territory of the Russian Federation.

receiving such benefits from the state after the citizen can apply for a social pension.

there are some features that adjusts the social old-age pension.Such payments are not made in cases where persons who have reached 65 and 60 years (men and women) are employed in the performance of work or other paid activities by civil contract.That is, for the state old-age benefit citizens must not be formally enrolled as workers.