The disability pension and the social pension.

disability pension provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation and is available to certain categories of persons with a disability established by the medical commission I, II, or III of the resulting employment injury, occupational diseases or systemic diseases in the period of employment.There are grounds for pensions.It is common ground, and retired military personnel.

disability pension is appointed in relation to disability in the workplace, as well as in connection with occupational disease is not depending on the seniority rights.While, for people with disabilities common diseases requires a certain length of seniority, directly depends on the age of the worker.So that was appointed labor disability pensions to citizens under the age of twenty-three years requires more than one year of seniority.Citizens under the age of twenty years of pension is granted regardless of seniority.

dimensions payments

material dimensions of disability allowance varies depending on the cause of

disability and established group of disability.

According to Russian federal legislation on disability retirement pension paid to persons with disabilities on a common basis as follows: first and second group of disability - 75% of earnings, the third group - 30% of earnings.Under conditions when the accrual of earnings is not possible, citizens have the minimum pension.

citizens, who are assigned a disability pension, must undergo regular re-examination in a timely manner to the medical and social expert commission for the extension, removing or changing the disability group.

If a person passes by the Commission for re-examination, the cash payments stop.In the future, it is necessary to pass again fully re-examination procedure to resume payments.Subject to the removal of disability and recovery in the labor positions in the production, the disability pension is canceled.

Subject to change the group in any direction (increase or decrease) cash payments are made in other terms beginning with the month in which the re-examination took place.

social disability pension.

social pension is granted to persons of disability in the absence of pension payments on other grounds, for whatever reasons.

There are certain reasons for the appointment of the social pension.These include:

- pension achieve elderly (excluding old age pensions);

- disabled groups 1,2,3 mounted on the medical and social expert commission;

- disabled children;

- loss (death) of one or both parents of children under the age of eighteen;

All of the above categories of citizens appointed by the social pension equivalent to 100% of the size of the main part of labor pension for disability or old age (for the categories of the elderly who do not receive for any reason provided retirement LC RF).

certain categories of citizens who receive allowance as a pension covering disability are citizens involved in the aftermath of the Chernobyl got there mutilation, as well as people who have become disabled as a result of other man-made accidents.

In such cases, to the invalidity pensions awarded bonuses, the size of which is provided by the federal legislation of the Russian Federation.

Upon accession of disability due to other reasons, summed up the previous pension accruals for the new set of disability.