How to Calculate Retirement Himself

In calculating pensions sometimes make mistakes.It happens rarely, but the case of treatment of pensioners in court to recalculate pensions known.How to calculate the pension to be sure that it is charged correctly?

amount of the pension depends on seniority, wages for 60 months from the payment of insurance premiums.Based of these data takes place pensionable.

Since January 2010, a new mechanism of calculation, allocation, indexing and adjusting the size of pensions. According to the Federal Law "On labor pensions" is now old age retirement pension consists of two parts: 1) the insurance and 2) accumulation.Previously, there was also a basic part.

Under the new legislation, the base part has been converted into a so-called fixed base size.It corresponds to the size of the basic pension, which were installed on December 31, 2009.It depends on the type of the basic amount of the pension and retiree category.

In 2011, the average pension of 8498 rubles.For Moscow, this figure is slightly higher -

11,000 rubles.

How to calculate pension based valorization?

Today, the calculation must take into account pension valorization - reassess the monetary value of pension rights acquired prior to the reform of pensions in 2002.Virtually all of today's retirees have a direct relation to it.

Pension Fund Database contains information about the size of pension assets of citizens on January 1, 2002.This applies to all who have worked until 2002, and they are the majority.

From 1 January 2010, the pension capital has been multiplied by 10%.Also, additional capital has been increased by 1% for each additional year of service, the waste until 1991.Maximum limitation is not here.

From 1 January 2010 valorization carried out geographically based on the documents that are available in the pension business.

increase in pensions on average by valorization of 1431 rubles a month.The biggest benefit of the valorization get people over 80 years.

How to calculate pension using pensioner's individual coefficient (IPC)?

labor retirement pension, disability, survivors', seniority shall be subject to the application of the calculus of the ICP.This provision does in relation to people who are not working at the time of the approval of their pensions.

To determine the amount of pension you need average monthly salary in the country for a quarter to a pension is multiplied by the ICP.

his ICP can be calculated as follows.The size of the coefficient of time pensioner determined length of service, multiplied by the ratio of the average monthly pay period for which the accrued pension to the average salary across the country in the comparable period.

calculation of pension can be made on such a formula :

RP = IC's ZR / ZP's FFP , where

SC - factor time (If a man worked for 25 years (female - 20), then its coefficient0.55. Each additional year adds to the coefficient of 0.01. The maximum ratio may be 0.75).

WP - the average monthly salary for 60 consecutive months.

RFP - the average monthly wage in the country during the same period.

Note that the ratio of the average earnings of the insured person to the average salary in the country (RR / PO) can not exceed 1.2.

EWS - quarterly average monthly salary in the country, which is approved by the Government figure.

Current pensions determined for men who have a total length of 25 years or more.For women, the experience must be at least 20 years.

read this formula and understand its components, you can figure out how to calculate the pension.

If you doubt that you correctly calculated the pension and can not calculate it yourself, contact the district office of the Pension Fund.There you will be given detailed explanations on all the issues.