Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's disease - a disease of the nervous system, which is not treatable and is characterized by progressive loss of intellectual abilities (speech, memory, logical thinking).Particularly favorable age for developing this terrible disease after 65 years.The main cause of dementia in the elderly can be considered the development of the disease.This health condition is heavy and unexpected blow to the family of the patient.

Alzheimer reasons which are still virtually unknown, even to those skilled develops suddenly surrounding the patient.Typically, the disease is associated with the destruction of a huge number of nerve cells, the lack of necessary materials for the transmission of nerve impulses, poisoning, head trauma, hypothyroidism, brain tumors, and heredity.

symptoms of Alzheimer's disease:

Early stage:

- inability to recognize familiar objects;

- forgetfulness, inability to recall events that occurred recently (it eventually progresses);

- depression, emotional disorders, anxiety;

- indifference to others;

- disorientation.

Late stage:

- inability to recognize close relatives;

- delusional thoughts and ideas, hallucinations;

- problems with coordination of movements (walking slowly changes from the normal in the "shuffling");

- convulsions (but not all);

- the loss of the capacity for independent thought processes and independent movements.

It also happens that Alzheimer's causes complications on the entire body.This and a variety of injury, and this power failure, this occurrence of opportunistic infections, such as pneumonia.

Though the disease is incurable, Alzheimer's and still have the ability to stop it a little bit.It is very important that the diagnosis is made at an early stage.Therefore, carefully take care to seniors promptly passed a complete physical examination.If you suddenly suspect that someone in your family became ill with the disease, then consult a doctor immediately.And the doctor will tell you individually how to care for such patients.Also, a doctor can prescribe appropriate treatment or refer to other specialists for more detailed examination.

If you live near your elderly relatives, it would be appropriate to carry out the prevention of Alzheimer's disease.

prevention of Alzheimer's disease:

- Try to eliminate the ingress of aluminum in the body (though he is now present in almost all foods).This action protects the brain from the total or partial destruction, especially if your family history of Alzheimer's disease.

- In no case do not take drugs that are sold without prescription, which include aluminum.This includes agents that neutralize acids on the organism: aspirin, for the treatment of diarrhea and pastes.

- Do not use aluminum foil for food storage.It is better to use plastic or glass containers for food storage.

- Do not eat foods that are packaged in aluminum foil, yogurt, candy, cereal, cheese, dried fruit.

- Do not buy drinks in aluminum cans: beer or soft drinks.It is also not recommended to buy juice in packets, which are coated on the inside with aluminum foil.Better to buy juice in plastic or glass containers.

- Do not prepare food in aluminum containers because aluminum pieces fall in food and increase the amount of aluminum produced every day by 9 - 17%.It is best to use a stainless steel cookware, iron, glass or fired clay.If you do not eat at home, remember that cooks in cafes and restaurants almost always use aluminum cookware.

- should definitely strengthen your immune system.

- engaged in morning exercises.Because exercise helps your body's output of heavy metals.

- Eat foods that contribute to the output of metals from the body.It is products such as onion, red pepper, garlic, chives, asparagus, English hazelnut, beans and seeds (pumpkin, sunflower and sesame).

- Eat foods rich in choline (an amino acid that helps to keep the memory).Good sources of choline - egg yolks, brains, wheat germ, liver, yeast, granulated lecithin.

This is a general prevention treatment of Alzheimer's disease, so do not put off a visit to the doctor in any case he can help you.