Phone for the elderly.

on the mobile phone market offers a huge number of functions.Smartphones, exclusive models.Each phone has a few tens of a variety of functions.Of course, it fits to the average buyer, who uses e-mail, ISQ, edit text, create videos.And what about those who do not know what bluetooth and internet access?We are talking about pensioners, it is not in need of updates progress.And the phone for the elderly must meet the needs of the owner of their appearance and functionality.

Cell Phones for seniors - a simple model with no frills and superfluous from the point of view of a pensioner functions.What is needed such a man?Calendar, alarm clock, clock, but quality links.Anything else will only complicate use.

Also a simple functional and user-friendly menu, the phone for the elderly must have an appropriate design.The buttons are large, separated from each other, not merging with the body of the phone.The numbers are written in large and contrasting colors.For example, white on a black background.

phone display large, it is desirable to monochrome.Color screens are not very comfortable for people with bad zarenee.They fade in the sun and ryabyat eyes.Well, if your phone supports adjusts the font size, it is better to set the maximum size.This concerns not only the menu but also the dial.Figures necessarily large, at least polovidu display.Do not forget about the clock, they often appear in very small print and located somewhere in the corner of the screen.Elderly people simply do not make out.Some firms, for example, Nokia, include in their low-cost black-and-white models of the clock at the top of the display in standby mode.

phone for the elderly certainly supports speed dialing.That is, each button with the number set to a specific contact from the phonebook.The user wants to dial the number of a particular person, press the appropriate key to this contact, the number is automatically displayed, there will be only a call.For convenience, you can record the membership of each "hot key" on a particular person a piece of paper and stick it on the back of the phone body.Available for sale and a mobile phone for the elderly, which already provides for a special insert on the lid of the apparatus for recording such numbers.

Appropriate models can be found in almost any manufacturer.This is the most simple and inexpensive devices.But there is a phone designed specifically for seniors to meet their functional and design requirements of the given category of users.These have in the lineup Fly, Voxtel.and several other manufacturers.The size of these models are a little more than others, have a huge buttons.Chenoa and white display when dialing the numbers displayed on the entire screen and thus is a sound that indicates to each dialed number, if not necessary, the sound is muted.There are phones that are compatible with hearing aids and with the possibility of setting the maximum volume of the speaker.

choosing a phone for the elderly, do not need to chase after novelties.It is in this case, the older phone model, the easier it is to understand the owner menu.Better set your own hours, add entries to the phone book, adjust the volume and dynamics, not pick up annoying, but at the same time quite loud ringtone.If necessary, start the alarm for the right time and days.Even simple, to the usual view, the action will cause difficulties for the elderly person.

suitable for a pensioner black and white phones Nokia 1202 1208. Ideal - Voxtel RX 500 with big buttons and a large font.It has many similarities with Voxtel Phone Fly Ezzy.