How to get rid of snoring folk remedies.

How many inconveniences gives the eerie sound of snoring, which often emit sleeping next to people.But very few people think that this may be a sign of disease.Usually snoring occurs due to weakening of the muscles of the larynx.As a consequence, it may close the air passage, and a man suffocates.So before you decide how to stop snoring, be sure to seek medical attention.

There are several reasons why a person may snore: it is acquired or congenital defect of the larynx.This problem can be solved only by a specialist.And now I would like to tell a little bit about how to stop snoring without leaving home.But do not immediately engage in self, better consult a doctor.

Very often there is snoring in obese people.All is that these people have much fat adipose tissue.It does not allow for the correct passage of air.By putting a person on a diet, you can resolve several problems at once: to cure snoring, and to lose weight.There are many different diets that will surely be able to help (if you do not ge

t rid of snoring, then at least to lose weight).

addition to this cause snoring, and can be caused by bad habits: smoking or drinking.These two factors greatly affect the larynx and weakened her muscles.How to get rid of snoring in this case?Special efforts do not, just try to quit smoking (of course, it is very difficult, but worth it), and not to drink alcohol later than two hours before bedtime.

fault If snoring is cold, here the problem is solved quickly enough.The pharmacy you can buy special preparations or drip nose sea buckthorn oil (a few drops).

sleep in an uncomfortable position, too, can be a cause of snoring.Basically man maketh trills when sleeping on your back.But this position is often the most effective and then snoring while sleeping on the back may be due to poor physical condition, or again overweight.In any case, the reason should be treated rather than look for another a more comfortable position for sleeping.

Dry air can also cause snoring.Therefore, it is appropriate to bedtime thoroughly ventilate the premises, or buy a special humidifier.

There are other means to combat snoring.This, for example, the Chinese technique that is the massage of certain points, which strongly act on the human body.But in any case it is not necessary to start a massage treatment without visiting a doctor because it could badly affect your health.After all, before you start acupressure, we must know for what is going on organ snoring.

How to get rid of snoring folk remedies?Methods of getting rid of the disease, our people know quite a lot and this is one recipe: it is necessary to prepare a cup of cabbage juice and dissolve it in a spoonful of honey.Take a drink you must immediately before bedtime.The duration of treatment on average - one month.

way singing also eliminates snoring.Yes, yes it is singing.During the singing of our larynx muscles tense up, so singing - is a kind of pumping up the muscles, and in fact we have already managed to find strong muscles - a healthy sleep without snoring.There is no hearing?Do you still sing, when there is no one.If you do not want to sing, you can try another option: tighten the muscles of the mouth, as if you pronounce the letter "I" and hold them for a few seconds.This exercise is best done before bedtime and repeat 25-30 times.You can still use the game on wind instruments.Of course, not on the tubes, and it is possible on a small harmonica, or a pipe.

Yet, before you think how to stop snoring, visit the doctor and go through the pre-required tests.It would be more efficient than testing on all the ways of getting rid of the disease.