What to do when there was a need to issue guardianship of an elderly person?

What benefits besides care, a person receives, if not installed and custody of an older man and patronage?Anyone who performs care, fills up the insurance period, will include in the calculation of the years of care.Patronage is free of charge.Compensation put those who do not work, do not receive unemployment benefits, and caring for a disabled person or group I disabled.

In 2006, it amounted to 500 rubles.In 2008, in accordance with the Presidential Decree, the amount increased to 1,270 rubles.Elderly pensioners who have reached the age of 80 years receive a supplement to their pensions, but the law does not oblige them to give the money for patronage.

Contents patronage can be in the regional department of the Pension Fund, by presenting a passport or document substituting it and work book, certificate from the Employment Bureau, the statement elderly man and his own.You can provide this care for the five elderly and in need of care people.Patronage is free of charge.

care and guardianship of

the elderly in the form of patronage

In accordance with Article of the Civil Code 41, welfare in the form of patronage (ie without trial) or custody of an older person can be appointed with the consent of the citizen, on which will subsequently take place patronage.

decision is taken by social services.If a person is physically weak and it is difficult to walk to the store to pay for utility services, perform other actions, the trustee may do so by signing a contract of trust management to ward citizen.

Even if accomplished custody elderly parents, you need to go through all the required procedures in the bodies of trusteeship and guardianship, obtain custody and conclude an agreement with them on the disposal of property transactions for domestic and otherwise.Patronize may at any time terminate the contract at will.

Before you sign a contract and take custody of the older person need:

  • ward statement written by him personally.
  • Statement of trustee.
  • passport or other document.
  • medical certificate confirming that the person in need of care.
  • registration certificates of both sides (place of residence).
  • Candidate trustees must provide a positive response.
  • Acts indicating material living condition as trustee and in need of guardianship.
  • written consent of relatives on both sides.
  • may require the help of all sorts of dispensaries (tuberculosis or neuropsychiatric) of candidate trustees.

award shall be made within a month.Copies of orders to be issued at the hands of the trustee and to patronize.After a positive decision within the period specified three days, be sure to make an inventory of the ward's property in duplicate and in the presence of third parties, which signed the inventory.This act will help in future to avoid unfounded accusations (or present valid claims).

Under a contract on guardianship (in the form of patronage) guardian can be rewarded by entering into an agreement with the Trust.

custody of an older man

Guardianship is established only when decided by the court and the person recognized as incompetent.The degree of disability is installed directly in the trial.Registration is protracted, sometimes up to a year, requires a lot of time collecting certificates.

also received by the court, such as custody of elderly parents, a citizen can not be a child of the law and does not get this right, it can only be named by will or pursuant to, the law.And if the court will be established in the appointment of the incapacity of parents to guardianship, wills and then be problematic.

Social Services has the right to check how the custody of the elderly require a report to the expenditure of funds, have the right to suspend the guardian of his duties if the latter takes them badly.Responsibilities of patronage carried out free of charge.Trustees can not dispose of or use property ward.

Jurisprudence - a very specific area, the subtleties and complexities of law to explain and interpret correctly can only specialist.Talk to a lawyer before venturing litigation with family or care for an elderly person to strangers.When aid is disinterested - is one thing.In receiving remuneration for work and there is nothing wrong, but a clear understanding of how and what to do in a particular situation, and what to expect - here and need help of a lawyer.